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135 pages
Aug 2008
Reformation Trust Publishing

Five Things Every Christian Needs To Grow

by R.C. Sproul

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There is a popular subgenre in books today of works of less than 100 pages that can easily rest on a coffee table or be stored in a purse or glove compartment. They are meant to be given as gifts to acquaintances, or to invite skimming while waiting in someone’s living room. Rarely do their size or title indicate that anything of real depth or lasting insight will be contained within.

The person who approaches R.C.’s Sproul’s newly revised small volume, Five Things Every Christian Needs To Grow might be tempted to place this book in that category because of its similar size and title. But they would miss out. This work is, in 135 concentrated but highly readable pages, a simple outlining of the five disciplines every Christian must pursue to grow in their faith and life in Christ. While the book contains all the common hallmarks of this genre – interesting stories and personal anecdotes, illustrations from Bible stories retold in contemporary language – Sproul deftly lays out why the disciplines of Bible study, prayer, worship, service, and stewardship are essential to the life of a believer (Col. 1:10). For those who are new to the Christian faith, Sproul simply and clearly presents the reasons why each of these disciplines is essential to the faith, and winningly describes the blessings to be derived from them.

Those who are older in the faith and skeptical of reviewing these one more time, will also be blessed by Sproul’s pointed reminders of why these disciplines are so important. For example, to those who struggle with or are frustrated by a particular portion or book of Scripture, Sproul admonishes us to consider that “[i]f I don’t like something I read in Scripture, perhaps I simply don’t understand it. If so, studying it again may help. If, in fact, I do understand the passage and still don’t like it, this is not an indication there is something wrong with the Bible. It’s an indication there is something wrong with me.” The final Question and Answer chapter offers common questions Sproul hears in relation to these disciplines, and are clearly and compellingly addressed.

This small book offers great insight for Christians new and old alike. -- Rachael Starke,

Book Jacket:

People need to maintain a diet of nutritious foods if their bodies are to grow and thrive. But what do the people of God need in order to grow and thrive in the Christian faith? In this book, noted theologian and pastor R.C. Sproul identifies five of the crucial “nutrients” that promote spiritual growth: Bible study, prayer, worship, service, and stewardship. With biblical insight and practical wisdom, Dr. Sproul teaches Christians how to maintain a balanced “diet” that will lead to growth and mature Christian living. This book is an important resource for new believers to learn these spiritual disciplines and become grounded in the Christian faith in a way that anyone can understand.