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130 pages
May 2009
Reformation Trust Publishing

The Prayer of the Lord

by R. C Sproul

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No Christian would deny that prayer is an essential facet of spiritual life. Yet many find that their understanding and practice of prayer often fall short of what they know it should be, and what they desire it to be. When Jesus' disciples came to Him asking, "Lord, teach us to pray," He answered them in words that are familiar to Christians and non-Christians alike: "Our Father, who is in heaven, hallowed be Your name. . ." What was He really saying? In The Prayer of the Lord, R. C. Sproul examines and explains the words of Jesus to give fresh insight into the subject of prayer.

Dr. Sproul begins by discussing how not to pray, drawing from Jesus' own prefatory comments to the disciples. The Lord gave a vivid and specific example of hypocritical, repetitive, pagan praying by people and then said, "Therefore, do not be like them . . ." Sproul answers the question of whether prayer changes things, whether prayer changes God's mind. As he begins to dissect the prayer itself, he handles each phrase with depth and clarity. The biblical doctrine of adoption ("Our Father"), the veneration of God's person ("hallowed be Thy name"), and the manifestation of His authority ("Thy kingdom come") are explained. Chapter 5 answers questions about the nature of God's will, drawing not only from the prayer of the Lord in Luke 11, but also from the prayer of the Lord in Gethsemane found in Luke 22. Throughout this short book Sproul answers questions that come to mind from any serious thinking about Jesus' teaching on prayer: What is the relationship between God's provision and our labor? What is the nature of man's indebtedness to God? What is the most frightening line in the Lord's Prayer? In his analysis, Sproul believes that the concluding lines of the Lord's Prayer are the most important -- and surprisingly, the least taught. He ends the discussion of the text with an affirmation of the eternal kingdom, power and glory of God.

The final two chapters of the book deal with questions and answers, and a longer treatment of the purpose of prayer in light of God's sovereignty. R. C. Sproul excels at encouraging Christians to think more deeply about biblical truth than they thought possible. The Prayer of the Lord is an immensely helpful and practical resource for any who desire a richer, more biblically informed life of prayer. Pamela Glass,

Book Jacket:

What is the Lord s Prayer? In The Prayer of the Lord, Dr. R. C. Sproul writes, Jesus intent was to give His disciples a model prayer, an example to follow, one that would teach them transferrable principles for conversation with God. In short, Christ gave the Lord s Prayer to teach His disciples about prayer, and Dr. Sproul, in his trademark fashion, brings out many of the truths Christ intended for His followers to learn. Readers will learn how not to pray, then will be led into a deeper understanding of such topics as the fatherhood of God, the kingdom of God, the will of God, the nature of sin and forgiveness, the dangers of temptation, and the cunning of Satan. The final chapter includes questions and answers on various aspects of prayer not covered elsewhere in the book, and the appendix addresses the difficult question of the relationship of God s sovereignty and prayer. The Prayer of the Lord is an eye-opening journey, one that reveals new vistas in familiar terrain.