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Trade Paperback
73 pages
Aug 2010
Reformation Trust Publishing

Can I Be Sure I'm Saved?

by R.C Sproul

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R. C Sproul in Can I Be Sure I'm Saved? confronts one of the most terrifying questions in the Christian faith, that of eternal security. How can one be sure that Jesus will not say, “Depart from me, I never knew you,” at the final judgment? In this book, Dr. Sproul walks us through the process of ensuring that our membership in God’s kingdom is secure.

This book quickly explores this important theological topic but then expands on elements of the salvation experience by using scriptural references and comparative theology. Dr. Sproul does a good job of describing the different types of Christian commitments that exist, while keeping the overall work very understandable to any reader. This book is an excellent resource for Christians and seekers alike. The examples and illustrations are down to earth, readable, logical, and insightful. This is not a 72-page theology lecture or series of sermons, but rather a friendly talk about how to know that Christ has provided personal redemption for those who accept His plan of salvation. – Aaron Johnson,

Book Jacket:

Many people in the church today are plagued by doubts about their salvation. Satan whispers that it is impossible that sinners such as they could be in a state of grace, and some churches compound the problem by teaching that it is possible for believers to lose their salvation.

But assurance of salvation is possible in this life. Indeed, as Dr. R.C. Sproul argues in this Crucial Questions booklet, it is the duty of Christians to make their calling sure (2 Peter 1:10). To help believers reach this goal, Dr. Sproul defines assurance, shows how we can get it, reveals the blessings it confers, and warns of the dangers of false assurance. Here is assistance for those who struggle to know where they stand with Jesus Christ.