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45 pages
Feb 2011
Reformation Trust

The Priest with Dirty Clothes

by R. C. Sproul

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Mud pie bakery leads to dirty children, but Grandpa understands. All their dirt reminds him of a story: A young, newly ordained priest heads off to the castle to preach to the king. Life along the road is full of rain and mud puddles and Jonathon the priest arrives very dirty. Malus, the wicked magician manages to stop the whole sermon, but the King gives Jonathon another chance. However Jonathon’s clothes are so dirty nothing can get them clean. The Great Prince promises clean clothes for Jonathon if he will go back to the castle to preach. Afraid and still dirty, Jonathon heads back to the castle. Malus tries to throw him out again, but just in the knick of time the Great Prince arrives and clothes Jonathon in his royal robes.

The sermon in The Priest with Dirty Clothes is quite apparent. Jesus has promised to clothe us in His righteousness so that we can stand before God. Founder of Ligonier Ministries and senior minister of St. Andrew’s in Florida, as well as noted author and apologist, R. C. Sproul puts this deep theology into words that preschoolers to adults can understand. The narrative is a delightful tale; the moral is apparent. Sproul introduces this story with some words of wisdom and pertinent Scripture. He closes it with discussion helps for parents and children. Sci-fi and fantasy illustrator (Kung Fu Panda, for one) Justin Gerard knows well how to put the aura of fable into his action filled, colorfully lustrous illustrations. The Priest with Dirty Clothes is a beautifully published, hardcover book which will be treasured for a long time by families and classrooms fortunate enough to have it. This is what Sproul aimed for: to produce a book which can be read multiple times with new dynamics arising with each reading. He has achieved his goal. – Donna Eggett,

Book Jacket:

In this new edition of his classic story, The Priest with Dirty Clothes, Dr. R.C. Sproul continues his project of illustrating theological concepts for children. In this book, he teaches the concept of imputation, which lies at the heart of the important biblical doctrine of justification.

Using the story of Joshua the high priest (Zechariah 3:1–5) as his jumping-off point, Dr. Sproul weaves a classic tale about a young priest who is invited to preach his first sermon before the king and his court. But on his way to the palace, he falls from his horse, getting his clothes hopelessly muddy. Jonathan finds that he needs powerful help if he is to stand before the king. This edition of The Priest with Dirty Clothes includes all-new illustrations by Justin Gerard and a new “For the Parents” section to help them bring out the truths of the book for their children.