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232 pages
Oct 2003
FamilyLife Publishing

Postcards from Menopause: Wishing I Weren't Here

by Lois Mowday Rabey

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“Thank you, Lois Mowday Rabey, for Postcards from Menopause. Betraying my age, I'll admit that Rabey's book is much better than any I checked at the library on the subject. Expecting another dull tome, I was delighted to find an interesting book that had me stealing moments locked behind the bathroom door away from my family.

“Rabey uses excerpts from some of the one hundred menopausal women that she interviewed to provide a variety of experiences because not all women have the same symptoms. Many readers will chuckle at the stories in empathy. She explains why you can sometimes soak a super-absorbency tampon in ten minutes flat, why you have traded memory and libido for facial hair and hot flashes, and why you seem to have entered into Jimmy Carter's malaise or worse permanently.

“Not just a medical exploration of menopause, the book also delves into men's perceptions of their wives' menopause, hormone replacement therapy controversy, spiritual dimensions of menopause, natural remedies, and fears of mortality. Not stopping at menopause, Rabey offers hope for a better life beyond ‘the change.’

“Rabey takes the name from an unusual feature of her book, actual postcards on which you record your symptoms, concerns, choices, and impressions, for passing on to your daughters or younger women you know. You can order extra postcards if you need more than one set.

“The publisher must have allowed Rabey some input on the cover. She begins the book with a hilarious story of her embarrassed search for a book on menopause at the bookstore. Even with the large white lettering, Postcards from Menopause does not look like you expect a book on menopause to look. Beige, with a picture of a smiling woman reading a postcard, it provides its own camouflage from your husband's boss, your pastor, or your son's entire football squad.

“This is a great overview of the subject, though Rabey recommends more research into individual symptoms and questions. She provides several Internet addresses to facilitate your research. Because of her engaging and humorous writing style, I would love to see a follow-up book that goes into greater depth in some areas. I have already started recommending this book to friends.” -- Debbie W. Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Find the best route for you on your journey through menopause whether you’re looking ahead or are already having hot flashes. Lois Rabey shares snapshots from menopause--her surprises, frustrations, and a wealth of knowledge gained along the way.

Sights you’ll see on your trip:

  • Symptoms--what to expect from start to finish, how to adapt.
  • Hormone replacement therapy--another alarming change in medical opinion.
  • Treatment options--discerning which is best for you.
  • Emotion and frustration--growing closer to God.
  • Marriage--encouragement and advice for husbands and wives.
  • Testimonies--women share their varied experiences.

Unique feature: Journal your experiences and share them with a daughter or friend. Sixteen postcards inside the book help you prepare her for the road ahead!