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Trade Paperback
96 pages
Jul 2007

Interviewing Your Daughter's Date

by Dennis Rainey

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Dads, the first time you become aware of boys noticing your daughter can come as a shock. You know what I mean. There you are sitting in church, minding your own business, when the boys in front of you keep sneaking looks back. You can't figure out why at first. Is your tie crooked? Is some of your breakfast caught between your teeth? Then you follow their glances, not to you or your wife, but to your daughter sitting demurely by your side. You have some time yet. After all, she's only four. But it gets worse instead of better. My brother-in-law just spent an entire Friday evening guarding the doors where his seventeen-year-old daughter was attending the junior prom. Dennis Rainey with Lawrence Kimbrough's aid tries to help men facing this dilemma retain their sanity and rise to their calling as fathers in Interviewing Your Daughter's Date: 8 Steps to No Regrets. He brings that aid in the form of encouragement and instruction to dads and single mothers in interviewing the young men who want to date their daughters. His goal with his own daughters was "to help them set standards for themselves before they came face-to-face with temptation, before the emotional pressure was right up on them, before their peers were pushing them to conform and play along. I wanted to help them craft some convictions that would take some of the guesswork out of their lives later on" (p. 10).

The founder of FamilyLife, a prolific writer and speaker, and a staff member of Campus Crusade for Christ, Rainey built a relationship with his daughters when they were little and prepared them for the interviews of the young men who would come calling. He took each of the girls on dates several times a year to accustom them to how he expected young men to treat them. He also told them that he would interview every young man who wanted to date them.

Using anecdotes and a conversational style, Rainey encourages men in this short book to recognize the bottom line: "God made dads to protect their daughters. And one of the ways we can do this is by checking out and qualifying the young men who want to date them" (p. 13).

Rainey provides the principles he covers on an interview, how to train your daughter to expect and accept it, and the benefits to young men. His daughters, even an adult daughter who rebelled under his constraints, desired the protection his interviews offered. He found out when they were adults that the girls as teenagers made a point of bringing young men home to his study to see the "Respect Her" bat hanging on his office wall.

And the young men? Rainey asserts that young men, especially with their hormones raging, need the guidance of older men to help them keep on the straight and narrow. One young man who didn't want to date one of Rainey's daughters asked to go through the interview. In a couple of cases fathers attended with their sons to get some pointers. Some of the young men later approached Rainey and thanked him for interviewing them. They intended to do the same for their daughters.

This book is short enough to be read in one or two sittings. It's one man's heart opened to another man's heart about the things that matter most--their little girls. It's humorous, conversational, real, and practical. He includes photos, even a photo of the "Respect Her" bat. It would make a great Father's Day gift or a good read anytime.

It will also give that dad of daughters, whether four years old or seventeen, some peace of mind as he rises up to the high callings of protector of his little girls and a mentor of young men. Interviewing Your Daughter's Date is an excellent book. Debbie W. Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Interviewing Your Daughter's Date, written by FamilyLife President & Bestselling author Dennis Rainey, outlines 8 easy steps to interviewing any young man who wants to date your daughter.

As a dad, you want to protect your daughter, especially from boys with super-charged hormones! Just the thought of it makes you break out into a cold sweat. Interviewing Your Daughter's Date will walk you through principles that Dennis Rainey used to help his own daughters navigate through the dating years, with their emotions calm, their heart whole, and their character intact. You'll learn how to protect your daughter, set boundaries in her relationships, and give her guidance as she grows up.

The dating years can be brimming with heartbreak, confusion, and uncertainty. Dennis Rainey, a father of six children, including four girls, tells fathers why they have to be proactive during these challenging years of a young woman's life. It's the process Dennis used dozens of times to interview the young men who wanted to date his own four daughters. It worked for him. It can work for you.