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Trade Paperback
288 pages
May 2012
YWAM Publishing

Emancipating the World: A Christian Response to Radical Islam and Fundamentalist Atheism

by Darrow Miller

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In Emancipating the World, Darrow Miller discusses Radical Islam and Fundamentalist Atheism. Miller addresses the problems that both are causing within Muslim and Western cultures. He also talks about the ideological wars raging for the soul of Islam and the soul of Western civilization. The reason Miller wrote this book was because, “for nations to remain free, the lessons of freedom must be passed on to our children and grandchildren.” His thesis is that Judeo-Christian theism is the only worldview that “produces truly free societies.”

Miller has two main points in the main theme and one section of final exhortation. These discuss the effects of Radical Islam and Fundamentalist Atheism, and then the exhortation focuses on the Great Commission. Miller’s writing style is slightly academic, but easy to read nevertheless. He has a gift for putting an excellent point into just one sentence. The structure is based on the two main points and the final exhortation with clear paragraphs and bold section subheadings.

The first point Miller makes is that Radical Islam has created a culture of death. He supports this point by saying that “the widespread practice of suicide bombing reveals that jihadists hate moderate Muslims, Israel, and the West more than they love life.” Secondly, he points out that the ethics of Fundamentalist Atheism “unleashes a person to do what feels good without any constraints.” Proverbs 8:36, which reads “those who fail to find me harm themselves; all those who hate me love death,” relates to both these first points. With the exhortation, Miller emphasizes that we are “to live a life that baptizes.” We are to impact the world around us by the way we live. He supports this by showing how Judeo-Christian theism creates free societies while the other two main worldviews bring destruction.

Emancipating the World is well written and filled with real-life examples and pertinent key arguments. The book is content heavy, and that slows the reading a bit. A weakness is that Miller doesn’t use Bible verses often. He uses some, but he could have used many others in support of his claims. The book’s strengths come from Miller’s knowledge of the subject, his logical presentations, and his direct style of writing. This book would be enjoyed by anyone with an interest in politics and world events, as well as those with mission-focused interests. – Joshua A. Spotts,

Book Jacket:

Christians today are engaged in a dual conflict, ultimately spiritual in nature, whose outcome will determine the shape of our societies in this century. In the West, fundamentalist atheism has replaced a biblical framework with moral relativism. From the East, radical Islam is waging jihad against the materialistic West. How should Christians respond?

Darrow Miller challenges us to rethink and restore the church's mission -- the Great Commission -- amid these profound conflicts. We are to immerse the nations in kingdom culture, anticipating the consummation of Christ's reign, when all nations will bring the glories of their culture into God's kingdom. We are to battle tyranny with love and service and battle lies with truth, goodness, and beauty. The great challenges of our age present an even greater opportunity: emancipating the world through Christ.