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256 pages
Apr 2004

Origins of Life

by Fazale Rana & Hugh Ross

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Origins of Life by Drs. Rana and Ross presents the theory that creation was a God-initiated evolutionary process. “How could random physical and chemical events yield the amazingly elegant, highly integrated biochemical systems found inside living cells? What was first life like? When did it appear on Earth? How did it get here?…Our objective is to bring the discussion up to date.”

Dr. Ross is founder and president of Reasons to Believe, a nonprofit and interdenominational institute that researches and communicates how God’s revelation in the words of the Bible harmonizes with the facts of nature. His degree is in astronomy and physics.  Dr. Rana is vice president for science apologetics at Reasons to Believe. His doctoral degree is in chemistry and he has received many awards for his research work.

The book is set up by sections. Starting with a summary of the history of origin-of-life science, the authors then introduce the RTB Biblical Creation Model. They summarize the evolutionary models and develop predictions for both models.

In the RTB model, they list eight central ideas and predictions. These include: Life appeared early in Earth’s history…during (its) primordial state; Life…persisted through hostile conditions of early Earth; Life originated abruptly; Earth’s first life displays complexity; Life is complex in its minimal form; Life’s chemistry displays hallmark characteristics of design; First life was qualitatively different from life that came into existence on creation days three, five, and six; A purpose can be postulated for life’s early appearance on Earth

They cover several other approaches to life’s origin and evaluate biochemical pathways suggested for nonliving materials to become living entities. They also explore protein research and discuss some exotic theories of origins. They finish up with the issue of why all this matters on a personal level.

They caution you that this book may be hard to follow, but science is complicated. To help, a glossary is included and a summary at the end of chapters five through sixteen shows how the RTB Model fares against the naturalistic models.

I agree on the difficulty of understanding this book, but it does illustrate another view on creation and might be helpful for a creationist apologist or other scientific-minded people. -- Linda Demorest, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

For years naturalistic theories have monopolized academia as the only possible scientific explanation for the origin of life. But there's something most people don't know--the facts just don't support such theories.

In Origins of Life, biochemist Fazale Rana and astronomer Hugh Ross reveal a model that shows how perspectives on first life's beginnings can be tested-as a creation event-with astounding results. Rana and Ross explode the myth that scientific evidence supports naturalistic theories and show how research corroborates a transcendent Creator who formed and nurtured the initial life forms and more.