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Trade Paperback
224 pages
Oct 2003

The Heart of Mentoring: Ten Proven Principles for Developing People to Their Fullest Potential

by David Stoddard & Robert Tamasy

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“In this uptight world, we meet them everyday, people searching for direction and meaning. The Heart of Mentoring presents a proven, Bible-based plan for providing to these searchers continuing sustenance for mind, body, spirit, and emotion - honest, persevering, loving, one-on-one mentoring. Describing, encouraging, explaining, impassioning, this book is written for both the person wanting to give of himself in mentoring, and the person looking for a mentor. Prefaced by instructive introductory matter, this book is divided into ten chapters, each one dealing with one of the ten proven principles. These principles range from giving of self to understanding partners, from perseverance to modeling character, from comforting to encouraging partner growth. Each chapter discusses the stated principle using actual instances, insights from the Bible, business, and the author, and concludes with thoughts, and suggestions for implementation, and questions for personal study or group dialogue. Closing material includes a list of the ten proven principles, and Notes, which forms a useful bibliography for further reading. Some of the relevant subjects Stoddard covers with humility, sincerity, and knowledge, include: physical and mental exhaustion caused by a long-term relationship; expectations of self and of others; affirming the value of spirituality; character growth and humility; the responsibilities and rights of both mentor and partner; encouraging self-discipline; and, values, priorities, and their relevance in crises.

“Grounded in sales and marketing, founder of non-profit Leader’s Legacy, David Stoddard writes from relevant experience and data, firm Christian faith, and compassionate understanding about life and maturity. Designed for those in the business world, the principles discussed are applicable to all fields and ages of life. Leaders Legacy aims to help mentors to '...understand and model the principles for developing people for sustained life-changing results.' In The Heart of Mentoring, David Stoddard capably demonstrates how each can mentor a partner, who can then go on to mentor another partner.” -- Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Mentoring involves life-to-life exchanges that help others discover and pursue their passions, and sort out their priorities. By focusing on character, on what the authors call "the substance of mentoring", The Heart of Mentoring will help you help others.

Through this process of mutual growth, you will learn that:

  • Mentoring is a relational process that focuses on the needs of the one being mentored
  • An effective mentor teaches how to filter decisions through one's values
  • Humility is at the core of the strong mentor
  • It is never too early or too late to start the exciting process of mentoring

How are you investing your life? Spend your time and energy to truly make a difference. Getting the most out of life isn't about how much you keep for yourself, but how much you pour into others.