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288 pages
Sep 2006

Creation As Science

by Hugh Ross

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Is it possible to finally end the war between creationists and evolutionists? Hugh Ross, acclaimed apologetic speaker and founder of Reasons to Believe, brings his scholarly wisdom and biblical insights to this issue. Through careful research, a testable model has been developed that seeks to reconcile the goals of the scientific and the Christian community. These pages take a thorough look at this model, while detailing its foundation and future application.

The information in the book is exhaustive, yet comprehensible. A logical progression of ideas is presented, beginning with the strategies and principles behind both perspectives of the earth’s origin. From that point, methods of discussing the validity of these ideas are explored. The rest of the book deals with the model developed by Reasons to Believe, and how it relates to the latest scientific discoveries. The testable features that this model offers, along with its benefits and possible shortcomings, are honestly addressed.

The focused and intense look at this vital issue brings new thoughts as well as hope to a heated debate. The scholarly insights are conveyed to the reader with precise writing and are corroborated by scientific research and biblical study. The finer points of this controversy are examined with purpose, highlighting the need for enthusiastic support of both scientific and theological enterprises.

The diligent reader will be rewarded with a wealth of ideas, as well as a better understanding of this issue. The author has taken great care in presenting this information in an understandable format. Key points are clearly explained, while the addition of graphs, photos, and charts visually enhance the text.

Creation as Science dovetails the facts of science with the authority of the Bible in a realistic step toward a peaceful coexistence.  – Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Development of the scientific creation-model concept represents one of Hugh Ross's most significant contributions to Christian apologetics. This new book explains why a testable model is essential, outlines the basic components of RTB's model, and includes predictions about the direction of future research.

Ross brings a calm, confident voice to the acrimonious clash between intelligent design/creation and evolution advocates. He understands why naturalists cling to their evolutionary models despite serious weaknesses--models that ultimately thwart scientific progress and leave humanity without hope or purpose.

Everyone can benefit from a new and better scientific model to explain the world around us, especially a model that attests the accuracy and authority of the Bible!