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Trade Paperback
207 pages
Sep 2005

The Lion, the Witch, and the Bible

by Robert Verlarde

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Robert Velarde’s book The Lion, The Witch, and the Bible, is subtitled “Good and Evil in the Classic Tales of C. S. Lewis,” and that’s exactly what he explores in a book designed to guide discussions of The Chronicles of Narnia and consider what we can learn from Lewis. Velarde even includes discussion questions at the end of each chapter. Velarde explores Lewis’s ethics, which he presents by examining virtues and vices exemplified in the characters of The Chronicles. These include good and evil, courage and cowardice, fairness and unfairness, honesty and dishonesty, mercy and cruelty, peace and war, as well as repentance and unrepentance.

In The Lion, The Witch, and the Bible, Velarde displays a solid understanding of Christian beliefs and provides a fair treatment of Lewis’s ideology. He has researched Lewis’s life and work, as well as the commentary of reputable Lewis scholars. He provides appropriate Scripture to underscore his own commentary on Christian values in The Chronicles, and urges the reader to apply the principles illustrated. He further provides examples of how to live the Christian life based on his discussion of characters and their actions.

Essentially, Velarde’s book is a look at The Chronicles of Narnia from a Christian perspective, with an encouragement to make moral reflections using the series as tools. Velarde provides fine commentary, and his book can be useful to those who want to delve further into the story. Just don’t lose sight of appreciating The Chronicles of Narnia as simply enjoyable stories, which is what Lewis intended. -- Dr. Pamela L. Jordan, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Wisdom, Virtue, and Life Lessons from the Chronicles of Narnia

C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia have captivated the imagination of millions for more than half a century. But these books are more than just enjoyable stories and fantasy; they also convey valuable truths about living in our world. Everyday life presents us with a multitude of moral choices. Lewis believed that every ethical decision we make contributes to the shaping of our character for better or for worse. In this book, C.S. Lewis scholar Robert Verlarde explores the great moral themes of Lewis's seven-volume Narnia series, paying particular attention to key vices and virtues.

With biblical understanding and practical insight, Verlarde helps readers cultivate virtue in today's world of moral confusion.