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Trade Paperback
288 pages
Sep 2004
Harrison House

How To Live Life on Purpose

by Art Sepulveda

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How to Live Life on Purpose was written by a man of God who believes in the Word of God! Pastor Art Sepúlveda sincerely wants Christians to live supernaturally, above and beyond the normal and ordinary. This amazing book provides practical, powerful, and purposeful teaching that will allow believers to start changing their lives from the very first page.

The pastor’s heart of the author will be felt through his sincere and logical style of writing. Each chapter contains a valuable truth that is presented clearly, and often with each point numbered for easy reading and reference. The book is filled with highly motivational quotes and success stories. This reviewer will forever have the story of B.P. Burkland and his box of destiny imprinted in her mind. In fact, the author has carefully selected many real-life accounts that will paint vivid pictures in the reader’s mind.

Some topics covered include the power of vision, right thinking, and mastering the art of communication. Each chapter is based on Scriptural truths and is filled with the penetrating wisdom of the author. On almost every page, there is an inspirational and meaningful phrase that is underlined to emphasize its significance. These words instantly connect with the eyes of readers and will enter into their minds with a sense of power and purpose.

The questions at the end of each chapter encourage a time of reflection and personal application. The clear, step-by-step principles allow the message of this book to be not only understood, but also embraced.

According to the author, everyone can live life on purpose. Pastor Sepúlveda’s own life is a testimony of his beliefs. The words of this book can become a way of life to anyone who wants to shatter their “glass ceilings” and to fulfill the destiny God intends for them. -- Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

How to Live Life on Purpose is the stategy guidebook to the successful Life On Purpose Devotional Series. Readers will receive dynamic strategies for living life on purpose. They will learn how to move beyond the status quo, above and beyond the ordinary! It starts with a belief in divine intervention—it takes God, because it cannot be done without Him. Readers will discover how to eliminate false barriers including real or preceived failures, how others have defined their life, or how they were raised. These barriers keep them from discovering and fulfilling God’s purpose in their lives. Mistakes are not failures, they are worth the risk!

Readers are encouraged to make small changes and continue step by step because often there is only a fine line between where they are and that next level. Art Sepúlveda masterfully reveals new thinking strategies and new action strategies that will allow readers to let go and let God move them forward into their calling.