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192 pages
Feb 2004
WaterBrook Press

Divine Discontent : Pursuing the Peace Your Soul Longs For

by Michael Youssef

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“Dr. Michael Youssef's Divine Discontent is a superb combination of anecdotal storytelling, biblical lessons, and thought-provoking challenges. One's journey through the book is bound to be both inspirational and eye-opening. Its premise is that all people, sooner or later, find a moment when they will stop, contemplate, and then question whether their souls are in complete peace. If the answer is no, then Dr. Youssef's book offers guidance for how one can embrace God's will and accept his love, thus becoming one with Him.

“Youssef contends that one discovers insights regarding true peace through admiring the exquisite beauty of the Lord's creation, accepting God's abundant provision, and finding contentment in the Father's complete protection. Says Youssef, ‘The loss of contentment can extend to an overwhelming distrust of God. We are often too afraid to look into our own hearts.’

“Various chapters focus on ‘The Pursuit of Peace,’ ‘The Pitfall of Pride,’ and the ‘Divine End of Discontent.’ Each guides the reader from the maze of restlessness to the oasis of emotional peace in Christ. Anyone doing soul searching or dealing with a personal crisis would find comfort in this book. Complete with study guide questions, it would make a good gift to someone with an unsaved but open heart.” -- Heather Neilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Your dissatisfaction with life can be a good thing.

Do you have a feeling that you can’t shake–that life could deliver much more than you’re experiencing right now?

The lack of peace might keep you up at night, or it could be a steady background hum that is not quieted by bigger accomplishments or more possessions. What you crave goes much deeper. You long for an end to the inner turmoil; you crave freedom from anxiety, guilt, anger, or fear.

People have sought the answer in career advancement, recreation, relationships, even religious devotion. But God’s Word demonstrates that dissatisfaction with life is a spiritual problem. It’s an inner thirst that can be quenched only by God.

Does contentment have to remain just out of reach, or can we arrive at a place of peace and rest? Let popular author and Bible teacher Michael Youssef introduce you to biblical characters whose lives demonstrate the redemptive power of Divine Discontent. These heroes of Scripture followed their inner restlessness back to God who, in his grace, invites all to enter his rest. Including you.