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Trade Paperback
176 pages
May 2004
WaterBrook Press

If I Ignore It, It Will Go Away and Other Lies I Thought Were True

by Marsha Marks

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In If I Ignore It, It Will Go Away, Marsha Marks humorously dispels lies on subjects from "marriage" to "money" to "relationships." She uses her life experiences and misadventures to illustrate her misconceptions. Then she closes each vignette with a thought to chew on. "I didn't say the truth was pretty; I'm just telling it like it is."

As a working wife and mother, Marsha has faced a variety of challenging situations in her life. But she seems also to have learned not to take herself too seriously and to look for the humor lurking close by.

Her first lesson was learning to understand her husband. Their families operated quite differently.

"In my family it wasn't always logic that won arguments. Sometimes it was the person who yelled the loudest....So in one of my first arguments with Tom, I let him have the full brunt of my verbal fury. And he walked out." Later, "Tom explained to me that he would not put up with disrespect in how I related to him or how he related to me. We would respect each other even in our tones when we argued."

My husband and I read this book together and laughed till we cried. Yet Marsha challenged us at times, too. "Sometimes just having someone listen (to our problems) is enough...." "She heals me with her listening."

I'm not sure a man would read this on his own, but we greatly enjoyed it as a couple. It would also be a great relaxer, ladies, over a cup of tea on your break time. Ah-h! Tea is on! -- Linda Demorest, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Have you ever thought…

My daughter will take care of the dog…

I can keep house like my mother-in-law…

I’ll never do that again…

Not only has author Marsha Marks believed the lies many of us hear and tell on a daily basis–she’s willing to talk about them!

Tickling the funny bone to get to the heart, Marks shares the real truths she’s discovered behind everyday lies. Here you’ll enjoy heavenly advice woven into hilarious stories as Marks offers a good dose of reality in a way you’ve never heard it before.