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Trade Paperback
304 pages
Jan 2005
WaterBrook Press

The Celebrity

by Robert Elmer

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Thousands flock to hear Jamie D. Lane sing. The handsome pop star has everything his heart desires – except happiness. When the rigors of touring reach the breaking point as his mother dies, Jamie disguises himself and heads to a small-town in Washington to fulfill her dying request. But once Jamie arrives in Riverdale, he finds himself reluctant to leave. It’s not just the absence of the paparazzi; it’s the presence of a certain teacher.

Anne Stewart is still recovering from a devastating head injury caused by a drunk driver. Between her limp and vacillating memory, she wonders if her life will ever be normal again. Then a stranger calling himself Joe Bradley begins working in her father’s bakery and helps her see beyond the changes caused by the crash.

As the two begin working together on a school musical, Jamie’s manager and the press are clamoring to find him. Will Jamie’s secret destroy the relationship they’ve barely begun to build?

Robert Elmer revamps the familiar plotline of rich-star-falls-for-hometown-girl with winsome characters, insightful details, and plenty of dialogue. The slow and sweet romance between two gradually healing souls creates the perfect atmosphere for curling up with a cup of coffee and a doughnut. For a charming love story with a modern twist, pick The Celebrity. -- Katie Hart, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Caught Between a Charade and the Truth.

Jamie D. Lane is many things: multi-talented, handsome–and the most sought-after pop star in the world. But there’s one thing he isn’t–happy. At the height of his singing career, a family tragedy stops him in his tracks. And in an effort to settle a private matter and put the past behind him, Jamie cuts his trademark blonde curls, assumes a new identity, and secretly slips away from his celebrity lifestyle and heads to the Pacific Northwest in cognito. But what he finds in small town Washington could open up Jamie’s future–and change him forever.

A teacher to inner city kids and former high school track star, Anne Stewart had once believed she could change the world. Then a near-fatal accident left her grappling with both the devastating effects of head injury and deep bitterness toward the drunk driver who crippled her. When a man she knows as “Joe Bradley” hits town, however, he unexpectedly helps to restore her self-confidence and passion for life. But when the scope of The Celebrity’s deception becomes clear to Anne, will it be too much to forgive?

Can The Celebrity Reveal His True Identity–Without Losing Everything?