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Trade Paperback
384 pages
Sep 2004
WaterBrook Press

King's Ransom

by Jan Beazley & Thom Lemmons

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Kingís Ransom is a little known drama played out between the tiny country of Bulgaria and the rolling might of Hitlerís 3rd Reich. Caught between the Naziís and Stalinís Russia, Tsar Boris of Bulgaria saved the lives of nearly the entire Bulgarian Jewish population, and kept the Bulgarian soldiers out of World War II.

Kingís Ransom told a story Iíd never heard before. I didnít know that not a single Jew in Nazi occupied Bulgaria was sent to a concentration camp. While Jews from all the rest of Europe were being shipped by the millions to Auschwitz and other death camps, Tsar Boris used diplomacy, deceit and out right defiance to keep Bulgarian Jews alive.

It is a detailed historical record of an act of true nobility by a good king. Although fictionalized, nearly all the key characterís public acts are true. Within this life and death struggle, two star-crossed lovers, Daria the Jewish governess for the Kingís children, and Dobri, a Royal body guard, fall in love against all odds.

The drama inherent in Tsar Borisí many face-to-face meetings with Adolph Hitler, and the methodical reasoning used to explain away irrational hatred, made Kingís Ransom a book to be lingered over.

One especially inspirational part of the book is the courage of Bulgarianís Orthodox Church leaders and the sacrifices they were willing to make to stop an unspeakable evil. The Christian church leadership in Bulgaria was united in their rejection of the anti-Semitic fever that swept Europe. -- Mary Connealy, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Set during the darkest days of World War II, Kingís Ransom tells the heroic story of Tsar Boris III, King of Bulgaria, and his extraordinary efforts to save his countryís Jewish population from Hitlerís concentration camps. Aware of the price he might pay for his risks, Boris faced the Third Reich with courage and resolve, firm in his Christian convictions that would not permit him to abandon nearly 50,000 Jews. Boris, along with members of the Orthodox Church, Jewish religious leaders, and others, ultimately ensured that no Bulgarian Jews lost their lives to Hitlerís regime.

Based on a True Story

Historically accurate, Borisís quest to save Bulgariaís Jews is interwoven with the love story of Daria, the Jewish attendant to the Bulgarian royal family, and Dobri, a sergeant in the kingís guard. With courageous characters and passionate storytelling, Kingís Ransom reveals how individuals acting on faith can change the course of history.