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Trade Paperback
336 pages
Feb 2006
WaterBrook Press

On This Day: A Novel

by Melody Carlson

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What would happen if you were able to follow five unrelated women around for a day as they attend a grand, expensive wedding at a remote mountain lake resort? Well, if you were Melody Carlson you would write a delightful book about it called On This Day, which completely immerses the reader into the thoughts and feelings of each woman.

Elizabeth’s beloved niece, Jenny, is getting married, and she is determined that nothing will spoil Jenny’s day. Elizabeth’s worries that her own marriage is falling apart and that her husband is having an affair, but confronting him today of all days is definitely out. When Elizabeth is assigned the task of making sure high maintenance Suzette Burke doesn’t cause a scene during any of the festivities, she is forced to hear about Suzette’s marital problems. Suzette has just discovered her husband is having a fling with his secretary, and she isn’t about to let the floozy have him without a fight.

The maid of honor, Ingrid, is having serious doubts about her own upcoming marriage to her fiancé, especially when she sees Jenny’s handsome cousin, Patrick, for the first time in two years. Sister-in-law to the groom, Laura, has just had her first baby and is having her own issues, what with rushing upstairs to feed her baby, leaking breast milk all over her new dress during the luncheon, and worrying that she’s underdressed and outclassed at this overly fancy wedding.

Margaret is the grandmother of the bride, and she worries that she is just in the way. She’s already had one heart attack, and her doctor has warned her she doesn’t have much time left unless she has heart surgery. However, she doesn't want to have the surgery. Her husband is already gone, “So,” she wonders, “why would I prolong my reunion in heaven with my beloved Calvin?”

This book delivers a few gentle surprises at the end, which makes it a satisfying read. – Melanie Dickerson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

As One Marriage Begins,
Five Others Are Put to the Test.

Drawn to Lakeside Inn from a variety of locations as diverse as they are, Elizabeth Anderson, Suzette Burke, Ingrid Campbell, Margaret Simpson, and Laura Fairbanks–the bride’s aunt, family friend, bridesmaid, grandmother of the bride, and sister of the groom–seemingly share little more than their collective joy for the couple marrying at the mountain resort. During the course of one unforgettable day, however, each woman reaches a point of reckoning in her own most intimate relationship.

As their stories unfold, the women of necessity turn to one another–upholding each other through the pain of postpartum depression, doubts about an upcoming wedding, the discovery of a husband’s affair, reflections on the ups and downs of life as a war bride, and plans to end a 25-year marriage. Through it all, their connection with one another deepens and grows, as does their understanding of themselves and of the healing power of love, perseverance, and friendship.