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Trade Paperback
352 pages
Feb 2006
WaterBrook Press

The Healer's Heart

by Dr. Diane Komp

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Book Jacket:

Dr. Luke Tayspill, the director of Yaleís AIDS program, goes to his parentsí home for a quiet Thanksgiving weekend. Instead of tranquil family moments, he encounters personal mysteries, some intriguing and others troubling, that will change his life forever. The disruption to his orderly professional life begins with his fatherís massive stroke and the discovery of a manuscript without an ending, written and hidden by his grandfather. As Luke thumbs through the manuscript, he reads what seems to prophesy his own death.

Meanwhile, Lukeís wife grapples with memories of her years as a journalist during the Bosnian War. Unable to reach Theodora emotionally, Luke seeks advice from Bishop Paul Pinckney, an African American who grew up in the Gullah culture of the Sea Islands of South Carolina and serves as hospital chaplain for the AIDS teams. Lukeís relationship with Bishop Paul parallels Theoís friendship with Paulís wife, Mariama, who fled Sierra Leone at the beginning of their civil war and is reluctant to talk about her homeland. Luke cannot understand his own sudden fascination with that troubled land, any more than he can understand the secret torment of his wife. Finally, the mystery leads Luke and his friends to Sierra Leone.

The Healerís Heart: A Modern Novel of the Life of Saint Luke, by popular author Dr. Diane Komp, takes readers on a journey through the life of a compassionate physician as he travels to and serves in the remote villages of Sierra Leone. Drawing upon her experience as a bush doctor, the author not only tells the story of a modern-day Luke, but also reveals the desperate history of a strife-torn African nation and recounts stirring stories of courageous citizens who survived its brutal civil war. Above all, The Healerís Heart is a tapestry of struggle, forgiveness and redemption, sure to draw in readers from the very first page and deliver a powerful message of inspiration and hope.

The Healerís Heart will captivate fiction readers who appreciate characters on a spiritual quest. Anyone who enjoys nonfiction, including fans of the authorís nonfiction titles, will undoubtedly be delighted with this stellar work that weaves fiction within a historically correct framework.