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208 pages
Jan 2005
WaterBrook Press

His Rules: A Practical Road Map for Becoming and Attracting Mr. or Mrs. Right

by Christopher Burge & Pamela Toussaint

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Huge sigh of relief! It's not just another "how to get a guy/gal" dating book. In His Rules, Christopher Burge and Pamela Toussaint use a "just the facts, ma'am" approach in presenting a practical road map for becoming Mr. or Mrs. Right before attracting Mr. or Mrs. Right.

I've read several dating and relationship books that say if you do it their way, you will have the dating relationship and marriage of your dreams. Oh, and it will last forever and you'll live happily ever after.

Sounds nice…

But relationships are more involved and difficult than just following a list of don'ts. "The majority of us spend much more time planning our five-hour wedding day than we do preparing for how we're going to live under the same roof with another imperfect person for the rest of our lives."

In a conversational, witty, encouraging tone, His Rules gives you a list a do's. It inspires you to grow personally, even when it holds the mirror to your heart.

Fifteen rules are given in this book: Make Sure Your Relationship Road Map Isn't Upside Down; Meet Your Personal Mentor; Know the Plan; Practice Intimacy Now; Clean House; Put the Kingdom Above the Booty; Recognize Stop Signs; Wait, Don't Whine; Pare Down Your Pals; Quit Looking Back; Test the Soil; Learn What Mr. or Mrs. Right Needs; Watch the Wiring; Handle the Heat; and Listen More, Talk Less. Personal testimonies from authors and other couples give the book's message a higher credibility.

These rules provide the solid foundation that will help you make wise choices in relationships and get you off to a no-regrets start. "Let's deepen our commitment to Him, build up our spirit, and cleanse our soul in preparation for a mate."

Many singles enter a dating/courtship relationship with these upside down ideas about marriage: "Marriage is a treasure chest containing all the treats and prizes we've waited for –at no cost. Marriage will give us a purpose for living. Marriage will get us the unconditional love we deserve – forever. Marriage will offer us all the sex we need or all the love we need – on demand. Marriage will medicate all the pains of singleness and will solve our deepest longings. Marriage will provide us with a spouse whose feelings and beliefs will remain healthy and constant throughout our lives together. Marriage will grant us a partner who will intuitively understand our deepest hopes and dreams, and will work eagerly alongside us to accomplish them."

In a world where divorce is as high or higher in Christian circles, His Rules gives you Bible-based guidelines and real-world insights to help you turn these upside down ideas right side up. "When you commit to following God's guidance, your relationship will not only work – it will last." It's only in God that you find the partner, mentor, and counselor who is always available for you.

His Rules equips you to get closer to God and challenges you to clean up your act in preparation for a mate, or for your mate. -- Leilani Wells, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Some worldly “experts” may sound sexy but don’t offer the spiritual tools you need to address the real-life pains, temptations, and fears associated with the dating experience. Quickie solutions won’t cut it, and neither will a wait-and-see approach. You want God’s views–His rules for becoming and attracting a lifelong mate. This book offers the answers you’ve been seeking.

  • Rule 1: Make Sure Your Map Isn’t Upside Down (Get a clue about what real relationships are about, for your own sake!)
  • Rule 5: Clean House (If your internal house is dirty, how can you invite folks to come live with you?)
  • Rule 6: Put the Kingdom Above the Booty (God’s not getting relationship rules from Sex and the City, so why are you?)
  • Rule 11: Stop Looking Back (Crying about what could’ve been keeps you from what can be.)
  • Rule 15: Handle the Heat (Learn how to tame the fire, or get out of the kitchen.)
  • Plus eleven more rules for avoiding relationship disasters.

Using wit, straight talk, and real-life illustrations, His Rules explores relationship guidelines singles can follow as they seek out lifelong love. These no-nonsense relationship rules will equip you to get closer to God, challenge you to clean up your act in preparation for a mate, and give you the savvy you need to distinguish a godly mate from an imposter.

Because when you commit to following God’s guidance, your relationship will not only work–it will last.