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Trade Paperback
148 pages
Jul 2003
Pleasant Word

Manning the Light

by Terry Webb

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The book Manning the Light by Terry Webb, finds Louie Hollander and his mother hired as lighthouse keepers after Louie’s father dies. Louie has trouble adjusting to his new home as he misses his father and his best friend, Charlie. Louie feels lonely on Two Tree Island and grieves for his recent losses.

Louie’s relationship with his mother becomes strengthened after his father’s death, and his relationship with Charlie changes dramatically after Charlie visits the island; Louie finds Charlie has changed in a lot of ways, not all good. The biggest problem about Charlie’s changes comes when he burns down the barn.

Louie must cope with the facts: his father is gone and his best friend has immensely changed. Although still anguished, he realizes that he must be brave for his mother and himself. As for the dilemma with Charlie, he finds the help of a preacher who is visiting near by Two Tree Island.

Louie is a compassionate, although lonely, young man who is trying to help his mother tend the lighthouse, all while being strong about his father’s death. His mother, his friend Charlie, and a new friend, the preacher, whom Charlie calls Uncle Sam, are all large characters in Louie’s life.

This book started out a little slow, but when I kept reading, it turned out to be a better book than I had expected. I would recommend this book to both boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 13. -- Courtney Carlstrom, age 13, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

After his father dies, 13-year-old Louie Hollander and his mother must move away from their old home and find a way to make a living. They are hired as keepers of Two Tree Island Lighthouse on Windlass Bay—temporarily. In order to keep the job, Louie and his ma must prove that they can handle the hard work.

Tending to the urgent task of protecting sea-going vessels from storm and fog keeps Louie scrambling, especially when equipment breaks down. And even with visits from mainland friends, island living is lonely. An injured sea gull becomes an unexpected pet and a visiting preacher becomes a new fishing buddy. But Louie grieves for his father and misses his best friend Charlie. Then Louie receives wonderful news. Charlie plans to spend the month of August on Two Tree Island. August can’t come quickly enough. But, Louie finds that Charlie has changed a lot. Suddenly Louie must face difficult choices, especially when Charlie’s behavior endangers the operation of the lighthouse.