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Trade Paperback
250 pages
Nov 2003
Bob Jones University Press

The Ministry of Marriage

by Jim Binney

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“In The Ministry of Marriage, Dr. Jim Binney offers biblical solutions to common marital struggles. He asserts that marriages fail because they are grounded in selfishness instead of servitude. The world presents marriage as happiness at all costs; however, the Bible presents marriage as commitment at all costs.

“Dr. Binney explains his theory by establishing that with Christ at the center of marriage, the Lord will have the answers that require biblical resolution. As such, revising one's thinking to biblical concepts of marriage, love, and sex, versus a worldly point of view, is the first step toward resolution. Next, Dr. Binney presents the idea that couples must stop expecting their mate to meet their needs and, instead, focus on being the right mate. He bases this on his fifteen years as a marriage counselor and the cases he has handled.

“Says Dr. Binney, ‘Usually, marriage is presented as …wedded bliss, a perpetual romance…. Such concepts reflect…that marriage means happiness and warm feelings that are effortlessly received…from which demands for pleasure become the battle cry’ (xiv). In contrast, Dr. Binney argues that the Bible does not teach this example for matrimony, but, instead, that marriage should reflect the description of Jesus, who ‘came not to be ministered to, but to minister’ (Matthew 20:28).

The Ministry of Marriage reveals the truth in marriage. The book is strong in effectively applying Scripture to marriage and revealing lies that many marriages have fallen prey to. Its weaker aspects are found in the fact that the doctor offers too many personal experiences, almost to the point of getting the feeling of being stuck reading folders of case histories. Nevertheless, the book effectively judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart by consistently using Scripture. It’s a book worth reading for any engaged or married couple to help keep both the man and woman focused on God's intentions for marriage.” -- Mrs. Laureen Wulpi, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

The Ministry of Marriage shows the biblical plan for building a life together even if only one partner is pursuing it. The book emphasizes how applying biblical thinking brings miraculous results to even severe and prolonged cases of marital discord.