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Trade Paperback
112 pages
Feb 2005
Crossway Books

God in the Storm

by Marc Maillefer

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Marc Maillefer's God in the Storm is one man's take on the nature of God and suffering. Why is there suffering at all? Does it have a purpose? These are just some of the questions addressed by Maillefer.

Senior Associate Pastor of The College Church in Wheaton, Illinois, Marc Maillefer is no stranger to suffering. The father of five children, he and his wife have suffered and nurtured others through storms. No pretension in his writing, no dazzling readers with the intricacies of Greek and Hebrew, Maillefer drops down to the level of a child of God as he writes of weeping through church services unable to quell the agony and pain.

There are no pat answers or simple five-step remedies in Maillefer's book. He offers surprising, some would say shocking, wisdom when he reveals the purpose and place of suffering in the lives of believers. If you want to know God, to truly find Him, the storm is the place to search.

Having read one too many books with well-intentioned advice, I reserved judgment until the very last pages, always waiting for the trivializing of suffering, but it is not found in this book. This is a book I would give to fellow sufferers, knowing it would be salve to their souls. Words are cheap, but Maillefer has paid the price in tears and writes with the depth of one who has truly suffered and found God amidst it. I highly recommend this book to any who find themselves struggling through a storm and uncertain of the outcome: God in the Storm will be a great comfort to you. -- Suzanne Rae Deshchidn, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Our lives can change in an instant.

A late-night phone call bears tragic news. A doctorís appointment reveals grave test results. Suddenly, with blinding force, storms of suffering and sadness slam into us, knocking us to the ground and leaving us questioning God.

Pastor Marc Maillefer draws from biblical wisdom, his own life, and his pastoral experience to provide vivid illustrations and applications of the life of the suffering saint. He reminds us of Godís compassionate, merciful sovereignty, and assures us that during our storms, God is still with us, provides for us, and has a purpose for us.