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Trade Paperback
272 pages
Feb 2007
Crossway Books

Parent Fuel: For the Fire Inside Our Kids

by Barry St. Clair

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Barry St. Clair is an experienced fireman. No, not the kind with a hat, boots, and a hose that rushes around putting out flames. Rather, he uses proven biblical principles and solid teaching to start and sustain fires in the hearts of Christian parents and their children. In Parent Fuel: For the Fire Inside Our Kids, St. Clair explains how to add fuel to those fires and turn them into roaring infernos to strengthen the connection between the generations.

St. Clair starts by challenging parents to examine their own lives first. In order to effectively guide their children, parents need to assess and strengthen their personal relationships with God and also accept that being a ‘perfect parent’ is an unattainable ideal. But through God’s grace and healing, they can overcome any personal past issues and become spiritual role models for their children.

In the second section, St. Clair moves into establishing and building strong relationships through unconditional love and honest, open communication. He stresses the importance of parents passing along their passion for God to their children and leading them into discipleship.

St. Clair wraps up with a section of encouragement to parents to persevere in the process of spiritual development in themselves and their children. Through trust, intimacy, and respect, the entire family will grow deeper in their relationships with God and each other.

St. Clair shares liberally from his personal family experiences, so the reader know that his insights are not cold, clinical observations found in some ‘how-to-raise-your kids’ books; instead they are practical lessons learned from a fellow traveler on life’s parenting road. Each chapter has a thought-provoking study guide to help readers incorporate the material into their own lives. – Jeff Friend, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Most parents ask, "How do I help my kids turn out right?" This book suggests a better question: "How do I help my kids love Jesus more?"

Parent Fuel: For the Fire Inside Our Kids will fuel the fire in our most important relationships—with Christ and our kids. More than any other generation, today’s children and teenagers find themselves isolated from caring adults. Our kids need love, security, and support from their parents now more than ever. How do we connect with a disconnected generation?

Parent Fuel makes that connection! It offers you a new, fiery perspective on parenting filled with possibilities. As a result of reading and applying this book, you will…

  • Move past your guilt over what you have not done
  • Make your passionate pursuit of Jesus a priority
  • Change from raising your kids by rules to raising them by God’s amazing grace
  • Take steps toward connecting or reconnecting with your children
  • Relate to your children heart to heart
  • Invest in a discipling relationship with your kids and their friends
  • Help move your children from dependence to independence