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Trade Paperback
192 pages
Jan 2007
Crossway Books

Did God Write the Bible?

by Dan Hayden

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An interesting discussion, Did God Write The Bible? capably provides ample proofs that the Bible is a book like no other, wondrously relevant to contemporary needs, written by God. Answering many of the questions you have heard about the Bible and its authority, the author stresses that it does not supplant your great need to read the Bible yourself. Using his own and others’ memoirs, thumbnail biographies, quotes, and Christian history, Hayden suffuses the book with the Word itself and looks at many facets ranging from individuals to the historical, generational, and worldwide impact.

Presented in two sections, both of which detail the resonance between humanity and Scripture, Did God Write The Bible first takes an in-depth look at the Bible’s own claims, the evidence for a unified authorship, the precision of the prophets, and comparisons to other religious writings. It then goes into detail as to how this Book was written, the why’s and how’s, transmission through the ages, authenticity, and all those translations and versions, seeking to move the reader beyond the ‘Good Book‘ concept into accepting it as ‘God‘s Book.’ This volume has several useful end items: notes (which serves as a good bibliography); along with Scripture and general indices.

Father, grandfather, and director of Biblical Research and Education at Sola Scriptura, Dan Hayden brings skill, experience, formal and informal learning, and his vast research to this discussion. I found Did God Write The Bible very readable, interest catching, and morally and spiritually challenging. It makes me want to share it with others—perhaps in a group, or by passing it on to other readers. Infinitely more, this book inspires me to read ever more deeply in God’s Word, and to carry that wonderful message out to others. – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

After 2,500 years, the Bible remains the most-read book of all time. No other book has withstood the test of time like this book, which is called the very Word of God.

But can we take the Bible’s claim to divine authority seriously? Why would God write a book anyway? Dan Hayden addresses these and other questions often posed by skeptics and provides forthright, honest answers. Readers will enjoy taking a closer look at the Bible while being challenged to respond personally to the best-selling book of all time.