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Trade Paperback
256 pages
Mar 2005
Howard Publishing

Becoming Real

by Steven James

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Pick up this book and drop the mask! What mask, you say? The mask that everyone wears in this world and the one that hinders us from experiencing a more authentic relationship with Christ and others.

This book is unique on several levels. The author is an accomplished storyteller (“The Story Guy”), and therefore has an insightful way of looking at life. He can see behind the person to understand the emotion that lives there. Some of his comments may cause readers to say “Ouch!” but that’s just because he hit upon a spot that is usually hidden. This isn’t a bad thing though. The author sincerely wants to bring about positive changes in a person’s life, and the first step is to see what isn’t working and why.

The other amazing aspect about this book is that the reader can become the main character. The author speaks directly to his audience, which leads to an interesting type of interactive reading. These pages are written in a conversational style and with an endearing frankness. The ideas move progressively forward so a person may enter at page one and then move to the end of the book with a heightened awareness of their own condition. And just as a character in a novel may change by the last page, so can every reader.

The storytelling ability of Steven James provides the perfect backdrop for this teaching on authentic living. He has placed life-changing truths in a reader-friendly context. The result is an unmasking that will unleash an extraordinary new way to live. -- Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Most of us live in a state of unreality, afraid to show our true self. But deep inside, like the renowned Velveteen Rabbit, we long to become real.

Weary of masking true struggles, most of us long for transparency and ache for the embrace of a God who meets them amid the mess of life.

Award-winning author Steven James offers an open invitation for those daring enough to venture into a new realm of vulnerability, where it is admirable to be honest about shortcomings, genuine with love, and unguarded about motives.

Divided into sections on Embarking, Awakening, and Emerging, this book outlines a process that leads to a more abundant life as pretense and defensiveness are left behind.