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Trade Paperback
358 pages
Mar 2005
Howard Publishing

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A young female reporter interviews a respected judge, but gets more of a story than she bargained for. Judge Shaw’s tale plunges her into the forgotten revival of 1857.

Harrison Shaw has little chance of securing the position of intern to the prestigious lawyer J. K. Jarves – he’s from the wrong side of town, a graduate of an inferior college, unschooled in social graces, and can’t even afford a coat of his own. Worse than that, during his interview Harrison is accused of stealing a watch.

He returns to life at the Newsboys’ Lodge in Brooklyn and his work in the slums of Five Points, aided by a young boy named Mouser and drawn to his shy sister Katie. Harrison reluctantly attends Jarves’ ball to announce the winner, and everyone is surprised when he is awarded the coveted position.

Harrison’s training seems to bring him no closer to becoming a lawyer – research on animals and social lessons with Jarves’ insufferable daughter, Victoria. Then a moral choice sets him – and eventually the church where the revival began – at odds with a powerful adversary.

Cavanaugh’s complex characters and rich historical details bring to life a mostly-ignored period. A twisting plot pulls the reader through the book with barely space for breath, as even the strong spiritual aspect adds to the suspense. Recommended for both men and women, whatever their opinion on historical fiction. This book is definitely worth reading and rereading. -- Katie Hart, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

When his daughter experiences a life-changing conversion to Christianity, a celebrated New York attorney takes the Holy Spirit to court in an attempt to win her back. With a hand-picked jury and a sympathetic judge, the atheistic attorney sues the church in which his daughter was saved, accusing them of teaching fictional religious concepts that will undermine America. In a dramatic courtroom thriller, a young defense attorney -- boyfriend to the daughter and former intern to the celebrated lawyer -- defends the church by attempting to prove the Holy Spirit exists, only to discover that the Holy Spirit is fully capable of proving himself.