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224 pages
Sep 2005
Howard Publishing

Coached By Jesus

by Alan Nelson

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Based on teaching questions Jesus asked his disciples, Coached by Jesus proves that often the simplest is the best. The unpretentious format presents each question with its Scripture; discusses it briefly, straight to the point, and profitably; applies it directly and unequivocally to modern Christian life; and closes with simple, telling suggestions for surveying yourself. A few of the 31 subjects looked at include: what are your blind spots?; what can you give in exchange for your soul?; why are you afraid?; how do you get people to love you?; is peace always the goal?; and, is your love for real?

Pastor, communication psychologist, and author Alan Nelson closes Coached by Jesus with a prayer for each of his readers. Jesus successfully brought His faith to the level of the people who needed it. Seeking to emulate his Master, Nelson brings these important tenants of Christianity to the level of contemporary Christians. I can think of many uses for Coached by Jesus such as for personal devotions or discipling babes in Christ. Also family and group discussions, as well as Sunday School lessons for various ages, would benefit from the material. Even for quick reading as you travel via public transport, at break time, or between classes. This is a useful book and I recommend it for everyone. Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Recent years have seen the rise of life coaches as a popular approach to personal growth. While a counselor might provide in-depth analysis, a life coach encourages the client to do the practical, productive work of grappling for answers to life's most important questions. No one was more skilled at asking profound questions than Jesus. His questions challenged wrong thinking, penetrated the heart, and provided a catalyst for true change.

Alan Nelson, Ed. D. presents thirty-one questions asked by Jesus, amplifies their meaning to clearly connect with the contemporary reader, and offers an application section to translate new thinking into new ways of living.

Excellent for personal study as well as small group discussion, it capitalizes on a growing trend embraced by adults of all ages.