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Trade Paperback
256 pages
Dec 2005
Howard Publishing

Reality Queen (Motherhood Club)

by Debbie DiGiovanni

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Reality Queen by Debbie DiGiovanni is about surviving empty nest syndrome and “getting a life,” according to protagonist Stephy Daniels’ college sophomore daughter. Stephy takes her daughter’s advice to the extreme by becoming the producer of a reality TV show while starring in one at the same time.

A first-person narrative through Stephy’s eyes, the book is well written and humorous. Although it tends to drag for long periods, the comedy is maintained steadily throughout, as well as a Christian perspective. The characters are somewhat stereotypical, but it is that fact that adds to the charm and wit of the book.

When Stephy decides to get a job, her best friend offers to use some connections and gets her a job as a production assistant. Somewhat stressful but fun, Stephy begins to love her new job, especially in light of her empty home no longer needing the same amount of care. However, Nana, her grandmother, soon moves in with Stephy and her husband, and that’s when the chaos starts. She is then chosen as the Reality Queen, the concept of the show by Stephy herself, where an ordinary housewife produces her own reality show. As her workload doubles, Stephy finally learns what it means to know one’s self.

Despite the occasional slower expository bits of the book, Reality Queen is an excellent read for any woman who has gone through or is experiencing an empty nest. Seasoned homemakers will best be able to connect with the characters and enjoy the humorous aspects of the situations Stephy finds herself in. This book is a great beach book for moms everywhere! -- Molly Schnepel, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

In her second mom-lit adventure, author Debbie DiGiovanni chronicles the unpredictable life of an empty-nest mom named Stephy who finds her hands full when she becomes a production assistant for a television show. Through several twists of fate, her role with the Home Living Channel suddenly changes from behind-the-scenes to before-the camera as she becomes the central figure of a reality show about an average woman whose every move is documented by a camera crew. With an arrogant television executive and a personal staff who are further complicating her once-simple life, her challenges mount until a series of God-directed events bring a real reality check to the mayhem around her.