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Trade Paperback
224 pages
Mar 2006
Howard Books

The Character of a Man: Reflecting the Image of Jesus

by Bruce Marchiano

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In his latest book, The Character of a Man, Bruce Marchiano invites men to discover the character of Jesus. In so doing, they may have to get past some long-held misconceptions and traditions about who and what Jesus really is all about.

Marchiano’s desire is to help men grow to be more like Jesus by knowing the Man of all men. We would never want a steak grilled both tough and tender, but in Jesus, “The ultimate male role model,” that is a perfect combination.

The introduction is a wonderful testimony of God’s working in Marchiano’s life.   The reader feels the excitement of a man who has had his “mind blown sky high.” There is a definite passion for the Man of the Passion. His preparations to play the role of Jesus have helped Marchiano to gain a greater understanding of Jesus’ character. Marchiano is bubbling with excitement to tell what he has discovered. His mind has been affected, but more importantly his heart. From Marchiano's heart comes his message to all men: be a man like Jesus.

Marchiano explores deep into the character of Jesus. He shares his knowledge and his discoveries with all who would desire to learn more. Through biblical research and contemporary illustrations Marchiano lays out a clear picture of the character of the Man, Jesus: a Man filled with purpose, passion, humility, gentleness, and integrity.

“It’s an entirely novel thought for a lot of guys: gentleness is masculine.” If being a man is the goal, then Jesus is the model. There is no one with better qualifications to follow. No man ever lived with such purpose, humility, or integrity. Says the author, “Two thousand years ago, Jesus stood as a tower of integrity. His integrity was consummate, astonishing, beyond-the-beyond. It rose in Him as high as the clouds, and his magnificence dominated every darkness that sought to slither about His feet. Can you picture such a tower?”

No man gave such respect to women as Jesus. “He worked with women in ministry and healed them through His ministry,” points out Marchiano. Now it is our turn to explore for ourselves, to have our minds “blown sky high.” Our exploration will lead us to discover that Jesus is calling men today to be like Him. At times it may seem to be a daunting task, but we are reminded that we will not have to go it alone. We have “the ultimate role model” who sets a perfect example for us to follow.

In a day when men and masculinity have taken it on the chin, Marchiano has rallied with straight jabs of truth revealing the champion of manhood, Jesus. At times Marchiano goes into descriptive overload, but his enthusiasm is evident as he lays a strong foundation for each “Character Trait.” He accomplishes his goal, helping his readers reflect on the image of Jesus, the Man. What an amazing reflection he gives.

Anyone who wants to understand what a man could and should be will find The Character of a Man a helpful resource. – Rick Borgman, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

While many books have emphasized Jesus as the Son of God, few have considered his identity as the Son of Man. In this eye-opening book, Bruce Marchiano explores the humanity of Christ and the Jesus-qualities that we can emulate today. As an actor who took on the role of Jesus for the acclaimed film Matthew, he encountered Jesus, the man, in a life-changing way and in this book shares his discoveries. Employing a friendly, conversational style, he explores a biblical view of manhood as evidenced by such characteristics as humility, passion, honor, selflessness, gentleness, and submission.