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Trade Paperback
320 pages
Sep 2006
Howard Publishing

Reading Between the Lines

by Rick Hamlin

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Flutist Elizabeth Ash went to the church rummage sale with aspiring actress Dorothy Hughes just to keep her friend company, but when she arrives home with a couple of used books from a favorite author, she finds a love story to change her life in Rick Hamlin's Reading Between the Lines. The love story is not that told by the author, but one written by a reader to her "Darling" along the margins. As Elizabeth reads the love story, she feels that she knows the couple involved and must find the woman's husband to return the books to him.

Jim Lockhart, casting director, has survived his wife's death of cancer by throwing himself into his routine and by reciting a simple prayer: "Jesus Christ, have mercy upon me. Make haste to help me. Rescue me and save me. Let thy will be done in my life."

Though his friends encourage Jim to date, he hasn't had the heart to until he takes a risk. The date is a date from the Twilight Zone. He decides to give up on dating until Dorothy Hughes, whom he has just cast in a commercial, introduces him to Elizabeth.

Rick Hamlin has written a pleasant, sweet love story, much of it from the male viewpoint, showing a husband's grief at his wife's untimely death. He also illustrates the confusion of those entering back into the dating environment, the importance of hope, and the misunderstandings that can come from reading between the lines. Hamlin draws his characters well, and they stand out as individuals.

The book offers a pleasant reading experience for the romance lover, but without any substantial Christian content other than a rote prayer mechanically offered. -- Debbie W. Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

He was a young widower who feared he might never recover from the pain of losing his wife to cancer. She thought she was satisfied with her solo lifestyle until she discovered a romantic mystery—second-hand paperback books with notes scribbled between the lines that detailed a love story even more captivating than the plot printed on the page. When their worlds intersect, he gently calms her romance-wary soul, and she seems to read his heart. Follow this intriguing tale of mystery and romance, expertly crafted by veteran novelist Rick Hamlin, author of Mixed Blessings and Hidden Gifts.