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Trade Paperback
320 pages
Feb 2007
Howard Books

Desperate Pastors' Wives

by Ginger Kolbaba & Christy Scannell

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Desperate Pastors' Wives is the story of four women struggling with their roles as pastor's wives (PW's). I thought the concept of this book was a great one: a book marketed as a chick-lit story that looks into the lives of PW's. But I cringed as soon as I saw the title. As Christians we should set ourselves apart from the world and not adapt ourselves to the world by mimicking a trashy television series as a title for Christian fiction. And although the cover and title scream it, this book simply did not have the elements of chick-lit. Instead, this book would fit much better into the Contemporary Fiction category.

The spiritual lessons in this work of fiction were wonderful. The lessons were something to which all women can relate. Lisa is struggling with her relationship with her husband, learning to honor her biblical marriage and husband regardless of what he is doing. Felicia is trying to balance a career and being a PW, finding her place in the church and becoming a helpmeet to her husband. Mimi likes to volunteer for everything, spreading herself so thin she feels she has lost control. Mimi must realize God loves her just as she is and has a special purpose for her life. Finally, Jennifer is struggling with infertility and losing faith and trust in God while closing herself off from those around her. Jennifer must restore her faith and trust God with His plan for her life.

Aside from the title, this book has great potential, stepping into the lives of PW's and their daily struggles. Character development could have been much better; after reading the book I still felt that these women were mere acquaintances instead of intimate friends. It was as if the same guard that PW's put up in the church was also put up to the reader, and while we were allowed glimpses into their struggles, I felt there was so much more to learn. These women have so much to offer and so much more development to go that this could easily become a series. Brandi Webster, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Mimi, Lisa, Jennifer, and Felicia all live in the fishbowl of Red River, Ohio. Everyone expects something from them. Gourmet casseroles. Perfect husbands. Well-behaved children. They expect even more of themselves.

The constant demands and always-ringing phones are enough to drive any sane woman crazy. Add to all that the condescending Katherine Fleming Katt -- self-promoting pastor's wife of the town's largest church -- who loves to flaunt her superior position. In the midst of such chaos, will each woman find the one thing she longs for?

When the unflappable Kitty Katt starts showing up at odd places, the four friends get suspicious. Is Kitty hiding something? What secrets lie behind her "perfect" exterior? But even more significant than unraveling Kitty Katt's secrets is finding answers for themselves.