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Trade Paperback
320 pages
Mar 2007
Howard Books

101 Amazing Truths About Jesus That You Probably Didn't Know

by Mark Littleton

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Not being cognizant of Howard Books publishers, this statement on the back of 101 Amazing Truths title page drew my attention:

    Our purpose at Howard Books is to: increase faith in the hearts of growing Christians; inspire holiness in the lives of believers; instill hope in the hearts of struggling people everywhere - because He’s coming again.

And, you know what? 101 Amazing Truths fulfils this statement. Pastor and author, Mark Littleton, takes us on the adventure of knowing our Lord and looking for His coming again (Rev. 22:27). The ‘Amazing Truths’ are carefully arranged to do just this. Starting with Jesus created all things, this volume culminates with Jesus will come back to the Mount Of Olives. In between, you’ll find such interesting subjects as: Jesus family tree included murderers, sexual deviants, and genocidal maniacs; Jesus is the reason for Xmas (and other historic symbols); Jesus was a great fishing guide; Jesus championed women’s rights too; Jesus’ family thought he was nuts; Jesus refuted the concept of karma; plus, a lot more. Littleton bases his ideas on Scripture, noting the relevant passages. Each of the 101 chapters ends with a challenge to readers to make the particular truth real in their lives.

101 Amazing Truths is a multi-use book: devotional; reference; basis for quizzes; and Christian growth reading for the individual, family, and discussion groups. Being made up of quickly read portions, 101 Amazing Truths provides good reading for odd moments such as coffee and lunch breaks. It will be a happily received gift for ages 16 to adult. Also, with its brief but pertinent passages, this volume will be appreciated by the sick and house bound. – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

No one has influenced history like Jesus Christ, yet so many know so little about this amazing man.

Do you know . . .

-- Jesus paid taxes?

-- His parents almost divorced?

-- Some of his ancestors were less than desirable characters?

-- Sometimes even his followers didn't believe him?

-- If Jesus was really born on December 25?

Are you ready to . . .

-- Expand your knowledge beyond the stories you heard in Sunday school?

-- Find truths that will compel you to love him more?

-- Understand his words and find the secret of true happiness?

-- Discover the joy in seeing others through his eyes?

Let this captivating book introduce you to the most creative, thought-provoking person in history . . . JESUS!