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224 pages
Feb 2008
Brazos Press

From Stone to Living Word

by Debbie Blue

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Before reading From Stone to Living Word by Debbie Blue, I had never before considered the word “bibliolatry” and how it has had such a huge impact on our Christian communities. According to this book, the church has begun to worship the Bible as much as the God to whom the Bible refers. As we are prohibited to place any other idols before our Lord, this is a major concern for modern Christianity. When Bible memorization becomes rote recitation or, worse, blatant chanting, that is not God honoring. When passages are pulled out of context in order to justify modern behaviors, the Bible is being abused. When cults and sects become so obsessed with one aspect of scripture that they become estranged from society, rebellious against government, and alien to culture, that is not God’s plan for humankind.

The author uses many personal experiences to prove her case against the use of bibliolatry and delves into a wonderful new interpretation of how the Bible is meant to be read and understood. While many Christians believe their studies of the Bible are meant to inspire and enrich, usually the opposite occurs as they become familiar with the teachings. I have seen this in myself and many others, making this a great analysis in overcoming this misconception that the Bible is predictable and outdated.

I recommend this book for anyone who has struggled in keeping God’s Word alive in his or her life, which I am sure applies to everyone. This is also a great book for any age group and a wonderful devotional tool in any church setting. -- Heather Schultz,

Book Jacket:

Many Christians sense that their encounters with the Bible are supposed to be deep, life-forming, and powerful, but that isn't always the case. They may be overly familiar with the text to the point of finding it predictable, or they may be disillusioned with the church. Too often, and for a variety of reasons, believers make the Bible an idol and unwittingly turn the Word into stone. Author and pastor Debbie Blue helps readers discover how to turn the stone back into living Word. She first gives general guidelines for letting the Bible breathe, then looks at the Bible's main themes as dynamically encouraging and challenging. Blue frees believers from dumbed-down spirituality as she reveals that the Word is alive and thrilling.