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Trade Paperback
320 pages
Aug 2005
River Oak

Double Take: A Mike Connolly Mystery

by Joe Hilley

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Double Take by Joe Hilley involves Mike Connolly, a lawyer, in another exciting mystery. When Mike agrees to take Harvey Bosarge’s case, he soon finds himself caught in much more than a simple murder.

Steve Ingram was a millionaire playboy and president of Ingram Shipbuilding Company. His company did government work, so his fiery death brought in the ATF, FBI, and, of course, the local police. Harvey’s story about being hired by the husband of Steve’s current girlfriend seems to have many missing pieces—especially as Mike collects more information.

When Mike is visited by the local senator’s liaison and can’t get any straight answers from Giles, the head of security at Ingram Shipbuilding, he knows there is much more going on than he is being told.

Soon, Mike finds the lives of each person he has working on the investigation being threatened. He discovers his friend, Hollis, beaten and wrapped in a fish net. His electronics expert is found dead. Suddenly he deduces that his own family is at risk and he whisks them off to his Uncle Guy for safekeeping.

Joe Hilley can really spin a story! His writing is fast-paced and keeps you guessing to the very end. He then follows up with a Readers’ Guide for personal study or group discussion. If you like mysteries, you will love this. -- Linda Demorest, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Since we saw him last in Sober Justice, Mike Connolly has moved on from his live-in girlfriend and he's still sober, but his law practice remains on the skids—until he's asked to represent a former police officer suspected in the bombing death of a wealthy Southern heir. Mike needs all the help he can get to solve this case that involves infidelity, drugs, money, and espionage. He finds himself unraveling a knotted case with a kind of foresight and help he hadn't even believed in before.

Double Take is set in Mobile, Alabama, against a backdrop of shrimpers, strip clubs, and rowdy bars with dog-fights for entertainment. It's not gratuitous but realistic, and satisfies readers of gritty mysteries.