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Trade Paperback
May 2006

Coldwater Revival

by Nancy Jo Jenkins

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A tale of heartbreak, guilt, and love, Coldwater Revival by Nancy Jo Jenkins is a story most readers will readily be able to identify with.  During the 1930s, Emma Grace Falin revisits her childhood home in Texas in hopes of finally resolving her guilt that has pained her for more than five years.  However, she is surprised by many other personal challenges and spiritual matters that she is suddenly confronted with.

Emma Grace finds unconditional love from the family she reunites with, and especially from her wise and patient grandmother, but she cannot move past what she feels is a devastating loss that she caused the family. Her grandmother wishes to soothe her soul, telling her that all people carry scars from their past, as well as feelings of regret over their decisions and behavior at times. Slowly, Emma Grace starts to open like a new flower.  She gains determination, rediscovers personal strength, and even starts to laugh again.

And then, a bad accident occurs, and Emma again feels she is a curse upon her loved ones.  She becomes closed off, pushing the world away from her, not wanting anyone to have to bear her company.  The family refuses to stop praying for her, much less stop loving her, but the situation seems hopeless.  With prayer, however, no situation is ever really hopeless, and even Emma Grace finds new meaning in her life.  She is still wounded, still vulnerable, but she begins to understand the frailty of all humans and she begins to forgive herself.

This book hits a lot of nerves as it deals with family deaths, personal alienation, grief, guilt, and overwhelming sorrow. It is honest, but not brutal; gritty but hopeful. It will be a good story for anyone to read, but it will also serve as a balm for those who feel emotionally or spiritually wounded. Emily R. Day, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

One of Emma Grace Falin's six-year-old twin brothers died while in her care, sending her on a journey that will take her through the dark valley of guilt, sorrow, depression, and anger. Although she rejects Him, God continues to offer restoration and healing into her troubled life. Nancy Jo Jenkins has woven an unforgettable tale of shattering loss, desperate grief and despair, and one family's amazing journey to restoration and forgiveness. A masterful debut, Coldwater Revival will forever be etched in your memories and upon your heart.