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Trade Paperback
376 pages
Feb 2008
David C. Cook

The Guardians (American Family Portraits #9)

by Jack Cavanaugh

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The Guardians, a rip-roaring, suspenseful thriller about antique Bibles, mysterious family legacies, terrorist bombings, and murder, is the latest creation of Jack Cavanaugh, award-winning Christian author of more than 20 books.

Detective Ethan Morgan and his sister-in-law, Meredith Cooper, must rescue a 400-year-old Bible from a sinister paper-shredder tycoon, F. Mallory Simons. The story begins with the murder of Ethan Morgan’s twin brother, a successful comic book illustrator and storyteller, and the simultaneous theft of the family’s heirloom Bible. With a replica “decoy” Bible in the mix, along with subplots of past murders, bombings of churches, and other ancient Bibles ending up in a wood chopper, the reader is taken on a fast-paced journey that culminates in the perilous scene at the oldest church in Boston. Here the destiny of the Bible and the fate of Morgan and Cooper are at stake.

This book is the ninth in the series, An American Family Portrait. The writing is sparse and tight. However, the lead chapter is difficult to understand because too many characters are introduced at once, and the scenes change too quickly. Nevertheless, the story soon takes shape and has the breathlessness of a thriller. Cavanaugh also gives a moral lesson of the tragedy of wonton destruction of property, namely Bibles, and how such acts cause grief and emptiness. This is a terrific novel and will be welcomed by Cavanaugh fans. -- Anita Tiemeyer, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Ethan Morgan never asked to be firstborn—and definitely didn’t buy into all the ridiculous tradition that came with it. From the time he could talk though, Andrew, Ethan’s twin and younger brother by mere seconds, begged for the honor.

Maybe if he’d just given it to him—signed away his birthright like Esau—he wouldn’t be a cop on the wrong side of a crime scene. But here he was, left with nothing but a widow, a missing family heirloom and a heart filled with rage, regret and bitterness. Is that what it takes to step up to family responsibility? Do the sins of the fathers revisit their sons, or do the ghosts of the past make believers of them?