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Trade Paperback
342 pages
Aug 2007
David C. Cook

Informed Consent

by Sandra Glahn

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Medical doctrines and ethics, intense relationships, drama and disease; if thatís what youíre looking for, then Sandra Glahnís Informed Consent is what you want. Jeremy Cramer, an intelligent medical researcher, is on the verge of a breakthrough involving the thymus, a part of the body used for bodily defense against disease. Unfortunately, he is caught in a dilemma. His marriage and relationships with his kids are collapsing. On top of that a female coworker and friend, Devin, has contracted HIV through an accidental mishap, and when Jeremy moves forward to complete his goals, heís left with a tough decision. Does he work to develop better medicines for HIV and AIDS, or does he continue his current research for answers to questions he has had all his life? And what will he do about the painful fact that his marriage is failing and Devin feels that heís the culprit for her condition?

Glahn uses a lot of imagery, including plenty of similes and analogies. However, she uses a lot of dashes in her writing, and whereas dashes help bring dialogue and thoughts to life they can also draw attention away from the story if used too often. The relationships between the characters seem very accurate to those of the real, modern-day world. The author has done well in this regard.

Throughout the story, Jeremy manages to juggle crisis after crisis fairly well, from furthering his progress in his work to repairing his damaged relationships and healing emotional wounds. Heís my favorite character in the book along with an advisor named Barlow, whose thoughts on medical ethics are strong and relate to the title of the story.

This is a solid story. It has a lot of drama, and it deals very closely with the emotions, relationships, and the problems we face. Readers will appreciate the pacing of the narrative, the bookís writing style, and the range of scientific information shared at a laypersonís level.

Reviewed by Joshua Wagner, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Jeremy Cramer, M.D. is the next Einstein of infectious disease research. While working on a way to revive water submersion victims, he makes a breakthrough discovery in AIDS research that thrusts him into the center of a media frenzy. But the publicity turns negative and his marriage reaches the breaking point when he accidentally infects a colleague and his negligence allows his son to contract a lifethreatening disease. The viruses test the limits of his new formula and his ethics.

In his frantic efforts to save his son and his marriage, he must decide whether to allow his child to die or violate the rights of a young transplant donor. The choice forces him to stand face-to-face with the unfathomable love required to sacrifice an only son.