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Trade Paperback
288 pages
Apr 2005 Publishing

The Character Map: An Introduction to the Introductions in Revelation

by H. E. Eickleberry, Jr.

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Written with humility and an honest attempt to further explain the book of Revelation, these pages unveil some mysteries while focusing on the majesty of God.

H.E. Eickleberry is a man with a mission. Because of his frustration with conflicting interpretations of Bible prophecy, he spent some serious time in the Word and came away with fresh insights. He uncovered certain patterns and principles, which he faithfully illustrates in this book. His explanations are very detailed, yet are able to be followed. Several of the more difficult passages in Revelation are treated with reverence and some Spirit-filled logic. Itís obvious the author intends to educate every reader.

Whatís unique about this book is that itís not only about prophecy. Rather, it takes a close look at the Person of God as seen through a hierarchical number system discovered by the author. This system is clearly presented through careful teaching, drawings and examples from the Bible. The study is fascinating, but itís the authorís enthusiasm that gives these pages power. Here is someone who loves the Lord, loves the Word and is eager to share his insights. Mr. Eickleberry is also very quick to caution readers to test his words in the light of Scripture. His writing is never dogmatic, but he is determined to get his message across.

The Character Map will cause readers to search the Scriptures, meditate on the Word and give glory to God. This reviewer thinks that for those very reasons, this book should be read. -- Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

"The Character Map: An Introduction to the Introductions in Revelation" is an examination of the opening statements that begin the final book of the Bible. In it, we will meet the hierarchy of persons that Revelation went through to get from God to us, which is the first character map in Revelation. We will also meet the players within the book of Revelation. Who are the children of the "earth" and "sea"? What does Revelation tell us about the people who started the world? What does it tell us about the people who will end it? More important, what does it tell us about ourselves, right here and now? This is the second character map in Revelation. Most important, this book defines the very nature of God Himself, which is the ultimate character map in Revelation. It dictates the very form of Revelation. Moreover, it is the yardstick by which God measures us. As such, "The Character Map: An Introduction to the Introductions in Revelation" is an invaluable tool for understanding our times, our world, and even ourselves, which was God's original purpose for giving us the book of Revelation.