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208 pages
Jun 2006

Breaking the Cycle of Divorce

by John Trent with Larry K. Weeden

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In Breaking the Cycle of Divorce, author John Trent drives a hard bargain with adult children of divorce (ACOD) by stating that they will continue under the curse of divorce unless they choose to break through to a fresh start.  A product of a broken home himself, Trent  pleads with ACOD’s to break this cyclical pattern, and he shows them how to go about it.

The author defines the curse of divorce as a stream that’s been dammed up, cutting off the flow of “love, support, and good modeling of a healthy marriage.”  Besides pointing out twelve negative manifestations of this curse, Trent also delivers the good news of how to reverse the cycle. “You can pick a different outcome and make it your reality,” he insists.

As President of the Center for Strong Families, Dr. John Trent is dedicated to helping many emotionally injured people to break free from the devastation of divorce.  He leaves the reader virtually no space to wonder if it’s worth the effort.  “Well, I’m living proof that…you do so…for your children, your grandchildren, and generations even in the distant future.”   

The needling questions at the end of each chapter may benefit readers beyond ACOD’s who have other destructive patterns to overcome.  Some may find Trent’s textbook-approach a little cut and dried, but his truth and warmth definitely come through as well. He doesn’t sugarcoat the challenge of overcoming one’s past, but he also makes the reader feel that with Trent as a coach, and with prayer and trust in God, one can triumph. – Cheryl A. Cecil, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Can you—an adult child of divorce—build a healthy, lasting marriage?
Making your marriage healthy—and making it last—has never been harder. In an age when the pressures on marriage are heavy and divorce is more accepted and easier to obtain, marriages seem to fail as often as they succeed.

When you come from a home of divorce, making your own marriage work is even tougher than the norm. Because you didn’t receive the example of a loving and committed marriage, you instead got a curse. And if you’re like most adult children of divorce, that curse now manifests itself in your life in ways that are deadly to relationships.

So if you’re worried about your own ability to build and maintain a satisfying marriage, you’ve got good reason—and a lot of company.

Fortunately, in Breaking the Cycle of Divorce, author John Trent, an adult child of divorce himself, gives you the encouragement, insight, and tools you need to beat the odds. Learn how you can, in fact, succeed where your parents failed.

You can learn to avoid repeating your parents’ mistakes.

You can begin to take reasonable and realistic steps in the right direction.

You can find the help you need to gain strength, wisdom, and persistence.

Breaking the Cycle of Divorce is your plan for building a lifelong, thriving marriage!