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Trade Paperback
226 pages
Jun 2007
Tyndale House Publishers

Into the Deep

by Robert Rogers

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August 30, 2003, was a turning point in the lives of the Rogers family from Liberty, MO, since all six of them went literally into the deep waters of an overflowing creek that had swept their van away.

The real-life story begins August 29th with the usual Friday night, "Family Fun Night with popcorn, pizza, movies and ice cream," (p.4) for Melissa and Robert and their four children: Makenah Alexandra, 8; Zachary Seth, 6; Nicholas Adam, 3; and Alenah Wen Ying, 21 months. The night went as planned, as they also prepared for a journey to Wichita, KS the next day to attend Melissa's Uncle Mark's wedding. The day went on with extra special scenes of meeting with family and friends and having photos taken, then ended with a trip to an ice cream parlor with Melissa's brother Matt, his wife and four children. By 8 p.m., the rain had turned fierce and all decided it was time to make their three-hour journeys home.

Melissa insisted that she was fine to drive, after all of the children changed into their pajamas and snuggled into their seats with the quilts that Melissa's mother had made them. The next hour proved to be difficult driving, but the worst was yet to come, when they were trapped in a wall of water with nowhere to go. As the water rose quickly to the bottom of the steering wheel, Robert switched places with Melissa and kicked out the driver's window, but he was immediately sucked into the deep, swirling water, having no choice about his family left in the van. The ensuing account of his underwater ups and downs and eventual, miraculous landing on the ground, then finding of the van with the three younger children still strapped in their seats, and later the finding of Makenah and Melissa's bodies, was so powerful that this reader was brought to more than tears.

Robert Rogers displays his deep faith in Jesus Christ as his Savior, relating some doubting moments, but never blaming God for his circumstances. In fact, those who saw the press conference on September 1, 2003, were amazed at the serenity of this man who had just lost his entire family. Family and friends gathered, going from a wonderful, joyous Saturday, to consoling Robert and each other over their loss.

The prologue and epilogue retrace the account of the Benjamin Jacobs family who had encountered a flash flood of the same proportion at Jacob Creek in 1886, while traveling with their mule and wagon. Benjamin's wife and his six-month-old daughter were swept away to their deaths. The creek had been quiet until over a century later.

Robert ends with, "Indeed I will not be silent. I will sing to God and continue to give Him thanks, forever. For God is still good—all the time" (p.224). Robert has continued with his music and enjoys a new life, with a memory of his family that will last a lifetime.

Strong and with convictions, a strong prayer life, and a desire to help other people who are hurting-- Robert Rogers demonstrates these qualities as he relies on God within the pages of Into the Deep.-- Sharon I. Rideout, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

In an instant, everything was swept away.

On August 30, 2003, Robert Rogers, his wife, Melissa, and their four children were driving home from a wedding when they were caught in a flash flood. As Robert was swept away by the strong current, he could only hope his family would survive.

Into the Deep is the true story of what happened to the Rogers family on that fateful night in August and how, through it all, God’s amazing grace sustained a father left to grieve the family he loved.

Robert’s moving story will challenge you to live a life of “no regrets,” to cherish your loved ones, and to live life to the fullest.