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300 pages
Jan 2003

The Politically Incorrect Wife

by Nancy Cobb and Connie Grigsby

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"I want these ladies to move into my neighborhood! Godly counsel from wise women is what The Politically Incorrect Wife is all about. With so many marriage help books out there, it's hard to distinguish what is secular psychology and what is biblical understanding. Ms. Cobb and Ms. Grigsby present a solid biblical foundation of God's intention for wives, and then give you a game plan to implement it. If you only read one book to strengthen your marriage, this should be it." -- Stacy Oliver, Christian Book Previews

"For Christian women who feel they're at wits end with their marriage, this matrimony manual offers straightforward advice on how to set aside the ways of the self-centered, modern world and become a godly wife by putting Jesus at the forefront of the relationship. Reminiscent of talk show host Dr. Phil with a biblical twist (and with a philosophy not unlike that of Laura Doyle's controversial The Surrendered Wife), the book presents hard and fast teachings to transform the "politically correct" wife into one who submits to "God's scriptural 'job description' for wives." The principles of politically incorrect wives include learning to forgive, respecting and honoring one's husband and putting him first, even before the children. Cobb (a church director of women's ministries in Omaha, Neb.) and Grigsby (coauthor of How to Get Your Husband to Talk to You) present advice that could help any Christian marriage--the chapter on forgiveness and acceptance, for example, shows how bitterness can be released and destructive patterns changed. Making the home marriage-centered rather than child-centered, the authors maintain, will keep children from becoming narcissistic adults with inflated egos. With so many well-meaning but specific directives, however, the guide doesn't give the reader room to explore her own feelings, and unless she feels consistently godly, these rules may serve only as a band-aid covering deeper wounds or problems." - Publishers Weekly

Book Jacket:

Just what is a politically incorrect wife? She is a woman who is married to her husband and not to popular American culture. In relating to her man, she firmly refuses to bend to modern mindsets and strategies -- like one-upmanship, tit for tat, entitlement, and "cold war" -- that would ultimately damage her relationship with him.

Nancy Cobb and Connie Grigsby admit, "Our marriages were in the 'stuck' position for years until we went politically incorrect. We thought if only our husbands would change, we'd be so happy!"

Sound familiar? Do you find yourself wondering, Is there more to marriage than this?

Get unstuck! Sidestep "marital gridlock" and start enjoying peace and warmth in your home again as you come into the joy and freedom of being a wife--God's way!