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Trade Paperback
288 pages
Apr 2005
Multnomah Fiction

Sisterchicks Down Under

by Robin Jones Gunn

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Who said middle age was staid? Certainly not Robin Gunn, and certainly not any of her sisterchicks. Don't know what sisterchicks are? Well, Sisterchicks Down Under is the chance of a lifetime to find out what fun these mid-forties and holding women can have. Thoroughly American Kathleen leaves all the comforts of a long-established home and the perfect job to journey with her film making husband to Wellywood: Wellington, New Zealand to the uninitiated. Three months down under in a one-room, converted garage; but, it does have a beautiful bathroom with Kathleen's favorite haven, a big bathtub. Add to this widow Jill and her momentary wild streaks and trips to southern New Zealand and Sydney, Australia and you have a wonderful romp--but no cereal named Cheerios, although there is Vegemite.

Audacious Robin Jones Gunn, prolific author, wife, mother, and dog-lover, lets her humor, imagination, and eye for personalities and places fly high, wide, and handsome in Sisterchicks Down Under. Read it for fun and without any pain at all you will receive some wonderful spiritual insights: how Christian friends encourage each other's growth, accepting life when it comes from the Lord's hand differently than you expected, healing from the grief of widowhood, hate changing into forgiveness, the world-wide company of Christians. With just enough plot to hold the travelogue together, this book presents an engrossing middle-class-American-Christian-eye view of New Zealand and Sydney, Australia. There are other lessons, for example--beware of bubble baths in a Sydney hotel. I dare you to read this book without developing a craving for a train ride from Christchurch to Picton, N.Z., with a stop to watch a pod of dolphins playing in the surf; or a desire to ride a Sydney Harbour ferry and take a walk through The Rocks, the oldest of Sydney's districts. If Gunn isn't being paid for the travelscapes in her Sisterchick series, she should be.

Just because Sisterchicks Down Under is billed for women is no reason for men to ignore it. Many husbands chortle their way through these books as they recognize their beloved, albeit eccentric mates. – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Kathleen joins her husband for a three-month trip to New Zealand when he’s hired by a film studio in Wellington. Leaving behind all that is familiar in her comfortable corner in Southern California, she realizes that the past twenty years have been so tightly woven into the life of her only daughter that she’s not sure who she is on her own or with her husband. In her isolation, Kathleen begins to contemplate reinventing herself, but before her crazy schemes take flight, she meets Jill at the Chocolate Fish café. Even though the two women are very different at first glance, they find they share a common Sisterchick heart and instantly forge a friendship that takes them on a journey where both Kathleen and Jill find that God has returned to them the truest part of themselves that was set aside so many years ago.