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Trade Paperback
400 pages
Apr 2006
Multnomah Books

Full Tilt

by Creston Mapes

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Full Tilt is the sequel to Creston Mapes’ Dark Star and the second installment of the Rock Star Chronicles. These novels chronicle the fictional life of converted rock star, Everett Lester. The sequel’s storyline revolves around Everett’s new marriage, his budding Christian music career, putting his old self to rest and a special focus on Everett’s nephew’s battle with crystal meth.

Full Tilt is a nice break from the typical Christian fiction universe of life on the prairie and the End Times. Mapes has a very fluid storytelling style that is very accessible and engaging. The characters that Mapes has created have a very authentic quality about them. His depiction of the rock culture and the drug culture ring true; it’s obvious that Mapes has done his homework.

The intended audience of the novel – by the looks of the cover and the obvious subject matter – seems to be younger males. However, the style of the storytelling and the dialogue come across more like a soap opera, which would probably appeal more to a female audience. Thus, the marketing and the audience may miss each other along the way.

Overall, Mapes has done a nice job in his Rock Star Chronicles second installment, Full Tilt. The characters are likeable and believable. The story flows in such a way that keeps the reader’s interest and the bold Christian message is very sincere and refreshing. If you are tired of reading about life on the prairie and the End Times and you want a slice of life with an overt redemptive quality, then Full Tilt just may be your ticket. – Todd Burgett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

What Good Can Become of Psychotics, Meth Users, or the Mob?

In this sequel to Dark Star, rock star Everett Lester is eager to share the redeeming power of Christ’s love with the world through his music. But reaching his family in their twisted lives is another issue altogether. His gambling-addicted brother, Eddie, and the rest of his deteriorating family greet Everett’s attempts with disdain and hatred. When the Mob gets involved, dangerous threats become a haunting reality. And when Eddie’s son, Wesley—who blames Everett for his brother’s death—hooks up with psychotic Tony Badino, the two meth-using antichrists will stop at nothing to bring Everett down and secure his demise!