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176 pages
Sep 2006

Going the Second Mile: Letting God Take You Beyond Yourself

by Mel Blackaby

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If you want to go on living an average life as a good person, then don’t read this book. However, if you prefer to live in God’s abundant life, accomplishing goals too big for you alone, read Going the Second Mile by Dr. Mel Blackaby.

When I picked up this book, I expected a more or less generic work on doing more than what’s expected. What I found was a refreshing—and challenging—surprise. Blackaby’s premise is that Christians are called to be more than just good people. God intends them to become something beyond themselves, something supernatural. According to Blackaby, letting God take you beyond yourself requires recognizing God’s perspective on your life and relying on Him to make you more than you can be on your own. But this means going against the natural human instinct. Consequently, this book makes the thoughtful reader uncomfortable—in a good way.

Each chapter offers a new challenge, addressing God’s perspective on a particular aspect of the Christian life. Sectioned into manageable chapters with subheadings, this book is easily digestible. It is also an ideal read as part of daily devotions. The question for reflection and application at the back lend themselves well to a discussion group format.

If you’re ready to be stretched beyond yourself, read Going the Second Mile. – Jonathan Young, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Less Effort, More Joy

What is the second mile? It's the difference between living as a good person and enjoying life as a child of God. When you "do your best" for someone, you go the first mile. When God does His best through you, you experience the second mile. This can happen only when you let Christ in you take over and empower you to accomplish what is impossible by your natural abilities. While others see you on the first mile, they see Christ on the second. This miraculous Christian life will overwhelm you with more time, energy, and peace. You can't help but freely give more away! Because God does not reward your duty, He blesses your relationship with His Son. It's time to experience radical living. It's time to enter into the second mile !