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Trade Paperback
240 pages
Mar 2007
Multnomah Books

A League of Dangerous Women: True Stories from the Road to Redemption

by Mary Frances Bowley

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Women’s Ministry leader and founder of a recovery program for women, Wellspring Living, author Mary Frances Bowley knows well each person described in A League of Dangerous Women. With compassion rather than condemnation, following the precepts laid down in Scripture, letting her Lord relate to each distressed women He brings her, Bowley has rich experience and deep truths to share. Be prepared to be dynamited out of your rut. Our God is a God of miracles, and this is a book of miracles happening right now in the lives of desperate, terribly abused, totally lost women. Not only does the Lord save, He washes white as snow and sends the washed ones out to witness for Him.

Meet Danielle, physically, verbally, and sexually abused in childhood, as she makes a desperate bid to rise out of the mire of drug addiction and prostitution. How did she find Jesus? One desperate day, after hearing about the Lord, she opened the front door and asked Jesus to come in and be her best friend and walk with her forever. And the miracles began to happen.

Meet Tracy who went to Church yet was betrayed by the parents who took her there. The forces of darkness reached out to claim her and drive her into deathly desperation. She tried suicide, alcohol, drugs, sex, and an abortion. When nothing else helped, she called unto the Lord, and from then on, no matter how dark the way became, God continually reached out until Tracy stumbled into His arms and her miracles.

Including Danielle and Tracy, there are 14 such biographies in A League of Dangerous Women. This volume closes with a special prayer, one useable by all people, written by Tracy

This is a must-read book. If you are desperate or know one chained by desperation, here are answers. If you live in a nice Christian cocoon, here is your wake up call. If the Lord is calling you to ministry, Bowley’s memoirs and insights will help you. If you are not a Christian, read and see just how God can work. – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Escape the Trap of a Desperate Life

Few of us would describe ourselves as dangerous for God. We may be too busy, too tired, or too comfortable to take on the purposes of heaven. Worse, we may be trapped in a desperate lifestyle with no apparent escape. Yet Jesus offers hope to anyone with the courage to take His hand, even—and especially—those who feel broken beyond repair. A League of Dangerous Women reveals the true, dramatic stories of women who knew only abuse, abandonment, and addiction…until God transformed them into warriors for His kingdom. This book will inspire you, too, to reach for God and discover the powerful, healing, dangerous plans He has for you.