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Trade Paperback
231 pages
Jan 2007
Canon Press

Protocol Matters: Cultivating Social Graces in Christian Homes and Schools

by Sandra Boswell

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Since the social graces have had a downturn in all areas of our society, this book by Sandra Boswell is a necessary guide to train our Christian young people to exemplify godliness in their deportment. Mrs. Boswell has 25 years of experience being a protocol program director, teacher, and speaker, having taught protocol at Logos School in Moscow, ID and currently teaching at The River Academy in Wenatchee, WA, where she established the protocol and arts program.

The author begins "Part I: The Meaning and Purpose of Protocol Training" by distinguishing among the terms: protocol, etiquette, manners, polite, courteous, decorum, and social arts. All of these are intertwined but each is distinctive, with protocol defined as a "broad term for 'preferred, correct codes of conduct' in general, but it can also specifically refer to the official procedural rules of conduct in state or diplomatic contexts" (p. 3). She provides a general overview of training, explaining that specifics will be given in other chapters.

"Part II: Teaching Protocol to Children" has two parts: one concerning the home (respectful speech, thank-you letters, parties, table manners, dining out) and the other with establishing a school program (building a successful program with the right key people).

"Part III: Protocol Training Topics" includes table manners, social navigational skills, the right moves, and one's appearance in public. Included here one finds proper conversational skills, how to act when dining out and at the theatre, ballet and concerts, as well as the proper grooming skills for these occasions.

In "Part IV: Four Contemporary Essays on Protocol," Boswell introduces the reader to guest authors Ronald W. Kirk ("Manners"), Tom Garfield ("Boy Meets Girl"), Douglas Wilson (“Manners for Boys"), and Wendy Shalit ("Modesty Revisited"). These authors also corroborate the Christian worldview of protocol that Sandra Boswell presents so well throughout this book.

There is also a wonderful appendix that was adapted from a list by Greg Harris called 'The 21 Rules of This House,' providing helpful guidelines that Christian parents should expect from and instill in their children.

It seems that even President Bush had to do a brush up on protocol when the Queen of England visited for his first white tie dinner with her. So also should parents prepare their children ahead of time for any occasion. More importantly, it is imperative that our homes and families reflect the godliness that our Lord and Savior requires, since we are to be the Gospel in action to those who are not saved.

Sandra Boswell provides a wonderful training in the proper conduct of children as well as adults. This is a must have for every Christian home. – Sharon I. Rideout, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Etiquette and protocol are ways of showing Christian love and kindness in small ways. With an easy, engaging style and lots of helpful details, Sandra Boswell outlines the meaning and purpose of protocol education, and describes ways of practicing it in the home and at school. She draws on her experience from the successful Logos School protocol program to guide the reader through all the basic protocol topics--table settings and foods, socials skills, personal grooming, appropriate dress, and more. This book is a must-read for parents and teachers who wish to recover the "social graces" for the next generation of believers.