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144 pages
Dec 2008
Canon Press

Heaven Misplaced: Christ's Kingdom on Earth

by Douglas Wilson

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Where will Heaven be for eternity? Douglas Wilson stands on God’s precious promises in Heaven Misplaced: Christ’s Kingdom on Earth to support the reader with optimism for the “last days.” All eschatological theologies are in disagreement and detached from the power of the cross and the love of Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. Wilson challenges us to look at our own construct of such theology with a focus on Jesus and a fresh look at Scripture.

Christ came to the world to save it. The church’s disciples are to spread the Gospel with love and to declare the kingdom by teaching from the New Testament. Where does this fit into the end times? Scripture declares the New Jerusalem will encompass the world. How does that settle with the songs we sing about going to Heaven someday? Has Heaven been misplaced? An avid reader, pastor, and author of numerous books, Wilson writes squarely from the Scriptures.

In light of historical events, he challenges the reader to study Old Testament prophecies that are connected and explained through the New Testament. For example, the Bible itself helps us connect Abraham’s covenant (Genesis 15-17) with Romans 4 to teach us that through the righteousness of faith, he and his seed will be heirs of the world. Many other Scriptures are quoted with examples and historical information to explain all pretexts.

Short chapters help the reader understand such a unique study in small chunks. A Bible in hand and a prayerful heart would be even more helpful. The annotated bibliography could guide future study for anyone seeking to understand more fully the coming times. This work might help readers wait more expectantly for God’s plans in the Bible and be more concerned about what to do in the meantime to advance God’s kingdom. Highly recommended. – Peggy Billiard,

Book Jacket:

Though most Christians refrain from predicting exactly when our world will end, many believe that when earth's finale does arrive, it will be a catastrophe. They expect that before Christ comes back to reclaim His own, Satan will escape his chains and return to wreak havoc on our planet. Details vary, but the general assumption is the same: things will get much, much worse before they get better.

But is this really what the Bible teaches?

Leaving aside the theological terms that often confuse and muddle this question, Douglas Wilson instead explains eschatology as the end of the greatest story in the world—the story of mankind. He turns our attention back to the stories and prophecies of Scripture and argues for "hopeful optimism": the belief that God will be true to His promises, that His will shall be done on earth as it is in heaven, and that the peace and good will we sing about at Christmas will one day be a reality here on earth.