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208 pages
Aug 2003
Integrity Publishers

Recapture the Wonder

by Ravi Zacharias

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“Ravi Zacharias has bequeathed to the Church a truly wonder-filled book in his recent tome, Recapture the Wonder. A major crisis facing all people is that they no longer see wonder in everyday things. Knowledge has stolen surprise, joy, and wonder from their routine. Zacharias seeks to address this crisis.

“Yes, crisis. Imagine a lush life-filled forest. Imagine a nanosecond of nuclear heat comes and it is all gone. No life remains, but sterile earth and rock reflect the sun’s burdensome rays. Though this is not an image that Zacharias uses, it is parallel to his point. Life is dead. Wonder is gone. Santa Claus is six feet under.

“Zacharias addresses this sorry state with an approach that draws our focus back to Jesus Christ as the center and source of all joy and wonder. God has loved us in a specific way, in Christ. And focusing our lives on that reclaims lost wonder.

“Zacharias’ approach shows an incredible depth. Page by page this reader was awestruck by the literary depths he explored to illustrate his point. The reader will encounter Nietzsche, Donne, Lewis, Wilde, and others. All of them seek wonder and miss it, find it, or point us to the next step along the journey. Zacharias marshals them all as a personal army to drive home his point.

“To find points of criticism in this book would be difficult and not really worth the effort. All who appreciate Zacharias’ previous works and wish to see the heart of an author that many of us already respect should pick up this book. If you’ve never encountered Zacharias, allow him to introduce himself here. It is a journey that you will be glad you took.” – Charles Lehmann, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Deep within all of us, there is a song. When we were children, the song was very loud. It was the song of wonder and amazement, the song of creation and the Creator. Then one day, we tragically become aware that we could no longer hear the song. It was overwhelmed by the increasing volume of possessions, busyness, ambition, and self-focused values. Our weariness and cynicism made the song just a nostalgic memory. Recapture the Wonder is for those who want to hear the song again and to recognize the beauty and the sweetness of life. Experience again the wonder that once propelled you beyond the ordinary to a transcendent moment when life became suddenly mysterious, poignant and filled with grace. It's time to reclaim that awesome sense of wonder and experience God's amazing promise of childlike joy.