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144 pages
Oct 2005
Integrity Publishers

Holding Heaven

by Jerry Jenkins

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Holding Heaven, written by Jerry Jenkins and illustrated by Ron Dicianni, is the story of Jesus told by His earthly father, Joseph. It is a beautifully illustrated novella that would make a great Christmas present.

We don't know much about Joseph from the Scriptures, but we do know he must have been a very special man to be given the responsibility of raising God's Son. This novella shows us the wonder, but also the love that Joseph had for Jesus. Imagine having your son born in a stable. Imagine having smelly shepherds actually find your family in that stable. Imagine a poor family being visited and gifted by wealthy men from a far country. And imagine being visited four times by an angel to direct you as to where you should live.

Jenkins primarily uses Scripture interwoven with dialogue to make the story flow. DiCianni, famous for his artwork with spiritual warfare themes, provides dramatic paintings for illustration. Both parents and children will enjoy this rendition of the Christmas story. -- Linda Demorest, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Storyteller Jerry B. Jenkins and world renowned biblical artist Ron DiCianni transport you to the hardscrabble Middle East of the first century where you eavesdrop on interaction between a father and a son so profound that it will forever change how you view the Incarnation. Image two conversations, 30 years apart, between the most celebrated person in history, Jesus, and His earthly father, Joseph. In the first, the father tells the son the details of his birth. God has invaded earth in the most unlikely place and under the most unusual of circumstances. In the second, the son tells the father-now on his deathbed-what is to come. Miracles will turn many from darkness to light. Yet how painful for the father to learn what the enemy will do with the very raw materials with which he has fashioned his living. An instant classic, Holding Heaven stirs your soul afresh with each turn of its endearing pages