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224 pages
Sep 2005
Integrity Publishers

Restoring Broken Things

by Steven Curtis Chapman & Scotty Smith

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Have you ever read a book that made it impossible for you to sit still? Restoring Broken Things is that kind of book. The ideas, illustrations, and insights from these authors seemed to leap through the pages to jolt me with renewed spiritual energy and hope. It will be every readerís desire to see the words of this book fulfilled in their own lives.

Jesus promised to make all things new, and these pages provide a vision of that new world. Yet, this book is not only about the future, but takes a look at how God is already at work in our lives. And if that isnít exciting enough, the authors then show how each one of us can actively enter into this redemptive process. According to them, every Christian has been given an important role. This book provides realistic ways of practicing the social conditions that we will someday enjoy for all eternity.

The writing style is straight from the heart and has a delightful lyrical quality. Each man contributed a very visual description of the reality of Jesus at work right here, right now. Through the use of some personal and powerful anecdotes, the hearts and minds of readers will be forever touched by the great grace of God. The pages lead ever onward and upward, as the focus enlarges from the lives of the authors to the lives of everyone in the world. There will be a renewed desire to see God working across the globe, with the exciting possibility of becoming a participant in that grand scheme. Restoring Broken Things is a simple title for an extraordinary book. Ė Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Sooner or later, we all become disillusioned with this fallen world as we encounter life's difficulties. But Christians have hope, a promise from God: "Behold, I make all things new!"óRevelation 21:5.

Authors Steven Curtis Chapman and Scotty Smith explore this bold proclamation of God's commitment to redeem and restore all things through His Son, Jesus Christ. It is a story in which every Christian has been given an important role. In the pages of this profound book, this Grammy-winning artist and renowned pastor reveal the grandeur and practical implications of Jesus' commitment to make all things new and the part we are to play with Him in this redemptive process.